Roswell: The Alien Attack

This may sound or look like a true-story or maybe it is. I'm not sure about the facts, but it was a great suspense, when the saucer-like spaceship crashed into Earth, and this human-like Martian or alien popped out of it and I was thinking what would he do next. Basically, 2 aliens dropped on Earth; one was a male species, where-as the other one was a female species; she is very sexy and seductive. The main job for these 2 aliens were to destroy Earth, but to spoil the mood and have no suspense at the end or towards the end, the male species falls in love with a human girl, and gives up the idea of dominating Earth, and also tries and fights against the female alien, who does her job properly. ITS A BIT MESSED-UP MOVIE, AS IT JUST LEAVES YOU CONFUSED. WHY WOULD AN ALIEN OR HUMAN-LIKE ALIEN FALL IN LOVE WITH A REAL HUMAN GIRL ??!!! And it's just STUPID that THE GIRL FALLS IN LOVE WITH THIS DUDE, IN 2 DAYS!!!! HAVE A LOOK AND I ASSURE YOU, YOU JUST MIGHT HATE IT!!!!

Starring :- Steven Flynn
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