The Corruptor

An excellent movie with thorough action performed by Chow Yun Fat. He's got a great smile and an amazing acting skill. After I had seen "The Replacement Killers", this is another movie, somewhat similar to the above movie, with lots & lots of action and movement, also set with emotions.

A story about a young cop who just got recruited into the Chinese-Police Undercover Special Agency. Chow Yun Fat gets surprised that in his entire life, he had to work with an American cop, by his side. Although, he had his own team and his own skills, to stay alive and fight against the Chinese gangs. But within the young cop's training and the frustrations caused by Mr. Fat, he gets corrupted by a set of Chinese Gangs, trying to eliminate of-course bad people, but also obeying a cheap Gangster, not known by the Chinese Expert (Chow Yun Fat). The young cop even gets a high price for doing a great job for that gang, until everything ends a bit sad. A MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!!!

Starring :- Chow Yun Fat
Ratings :-