SUBJECT: How Project 21 Works


Each customer is in effect a student of an educational course. Each student receives 12 parts (1 part each month) of the educational home study course. Any student has the right to cancel at any time during the course.

Each student also receives in the first month, the PROJECT 21 Business Plan and Marketing Guide - which contains invaluable inside information and advice applicable to starting up not just this business but any business.

The fee paid each month also gives each student the right and freedom to become an agent (which is optional and not obligatory.)

If a student chooses to not only study the course but also to exercise their rights to be an agent, they have the right and freedom to manufacture (by photo-copying/copying pfd files via PC) as many copies of the product - and the right and freedom to sell the course to as many students as they wish, and to keep all the earnings of USD $45 a month from each of their own students. Remember, there is no waiting for any cheque from your sponsor because your customers pay you directly by means specified by you.

The publishers, Gemini Publishing International, hold the world wide copyright - but exercise the right to freely give reproduction rights to each student, that they may not only learn from the educational materials, but also have the freedom to earn money and effectively distribute the authors work world wide - for which each student is justly compensated by payment from their students.

The information in the Business Plan and Marketing Guide, is invaluable for starting up any business. Whether it's $1,000 or $10,000 a month, the plan can provide this for you. If you don't wish to earn extra money from PROJECT 21 - simply desiring to learn - the manual contains invaluable advice, applicable in starting any business.

PROJECT 21 is updated regularly and is a product that you will be proud to promote. Knowledge is your key to freedom, to happiness, peace of mind and financial security. Knowledge is the key to building a better future for ourselves and all our fellow human beings. Make the world a better place to live in - take up the challenge to unlock the door to Project 21.

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M. Temmerman


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