Project 21 - Info Pack 2


Everything in Project 21 is sent via email. There is no waiting for the mail to arrive. The product consists of a 12-part business Internet marketing course that is sent out monthly.

I am now sending you Info Pack 2, followed by Info Pack 3 and 4. These two info packs will explain the program and answer most of your questions. After I receive your "I Need To Start" email, I will send you, free of charge, Info Packs 5 to 12.

These info packs will help guide you to setting up, and starting your marketing plan.

After you are set up and running, it's simply a matter of copying and pasting the information into an email to your clients. Your main duties will be to forward course contents to, and assist clients wanting to learn more about how to successfully market and run a home-based business on the Internet. The course you receive is also your product line.

This program is considered a co-operative work training program, meaning you earn as you learn and you obtain the practical experience needed to operate your own home-based business.

Once you have set up this program on your PC, it is very easy to run and is very profitable.

Here is a brief overview of how the program works:

(1) We give you the resale rights to an educational product that sells well, and brings you monthly installments of $45 USD per month, from each client, for a period of one year.

(2) We give you all of the marketing information, knowledge and support needed to run this program.

(3) We help you start this business absolutely free for 30 days, without obligation or charge. This period will allow you to see if this business is worth your time and effort. At the end of your 30 days you can then decide if you are making enough money to continue the program.

(4) You need to find only one client interested in this program to have the program pay for itself. After your first client, all other clients become pure profit to you. You actually get to keep 100% (that's $45 USD per month) from each and every client with which you work. Remember, there is no intermediary to deal with - your clients are YOUR OWN clients. They pay DIRECTLY to you by means specified by you (ex. your personal account at PayPal, E-gold, wire transfer, credit card merchant account, cheque, etc), NOT your mentor or any body else.

(5) We will show you methods of getting 100 or more people to join this program in your first month, leaving you with an income of at least $4,500.00 or more per month.

(6) We will show you how and where to put a web site of your own, with a URL that you can submit to search engines so that the 100 million people online can find your site. We show you how to successfully market your own web site. We'll also show you how to attract the maximum attention to this business opportunity, creating a client base that will generate some real cash profits for you.

(7) After the one year period, you can continue to sell this program at no cost to you, just income.

What you have to do at this stage is to send me an email, with Subject Line "I Need To Start". There is no contract to sign. I then, once your email is received, will send you all information you need to get started. You have to pay me NOTHING now. But the only thing you need is to follow the instructions contained in the emails which I will send to you. If you do not follow the instructions, I can guarantee the program will not work for you.

Give it a try for 30 days. If you think the program is not worth your time and effort, just send me an email stating so. If you test it and are sure that the program is making you money, and your clients are interested in paying you in order to make money for themselves by promoting this program, just send me an email and I will advise you of how to stay in the program in order to earn an on-going income.

At the beginning when I started in this program, I wonder why my mentor of this program did not require me to pay any upfront money in order to get started. Well, I gave it a try anyway and to my surprise, this program works better than anything I have ever come across. Later, I found out the reasons:

1. When people are asked to put down a very little investment, they hesitate to give it a try, even if the offer is indeed genuine,

2. This program WORKS. People who give it a try later find this program can earn them substantial amount of money and they are willing to pay a small fee for it. They do not worry about not getting paid by their clients because, simply, their clients DO pay them once these clients give this program a try.

We just want you to see how profitable this business is. We do not want your money unless you wish to continue in order to earn an income working as an email processor.

Thank you for showing a serious interest in this program. I am happy to be able to help you with your quest to make money on the Internet. I know how frustrating it can be!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop me an email. I am looking forward to hearing about your success, so please make sure you keep me updated on how you are doing.

Yours sincerely,

M. Temmerman


You are receiving this information because you request for it by emailing to me. If you choose not to receive further emails, please rely to this email and state so. Thank you.