Project 21 - Info Pack 3


What I'm about to disclose is a genuine, straightforward, easy to follow program: The Internet-based home business, "Project 21: Opportunity for Wealth & Freedom".

If money and financial freedom are important to you, read these pages in their entirety, and you will find the secrets of a simple, straightforward program that's earning large sums of money for many people around the world!

You are obviously looking for a business that's different, one that really works, and that's still so new that only a privileged group of people have seen it on the Net or through print ads. You can run it entirely on-line (or off) in your spare time, and it works ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!


The program described below has been working very profitable online for many months now. It's bringing some people over $10,000 per month, and increasing by the week. The program is called PROJECT 21, and is being promoted successfully on the Net by hundreds of home business entrepreneurs. It originated in the United Kingdom back in 1989, and was successfully promoted entirely through regular mail with all it's associated costs, delays, and pitfalls.

This report introduces the unique business opportunity run by UK based, Gemini Publishing International, which you can copy and easily run yourself. In one year it can earn you thousands of dollars. We took what was done in the UK and revamped it for the Internet.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, money game or similar scam. It is a simple, workable business that will startle newcomers when they see the growing demand for it. You have discovered a no- limit business opportunity that will easily produce a substantial income, by following the proven step-by -step formula for success.

Forget all the "how to make a million" offers we have seen for years. They're all big on promises but short on commitment. There are very few that can tell you exactly how to make the money you want.

Project 21 is a very different kind of opportunity. It's no ordinary wealth-building plan. It's a proven and realistic income-builder that will provide you with all the money you want for years to come. Each month, for a year, you will receive course material that will provide all the information you need to achieve that income. In the second month you'll receive a 48-page e-mail manual which will stun you by its comprehensive, in-depth simplicity.

It's the ultimate wealth creation that has given a new start to many individuals. People like you, who may have been searching for a wealth- building opportunity for a long time. Your search is now over. You have found a career that you can build on well into the future.

PROJECT 21 will answer your income needs, providing you with essential tools and the means to achieve real, lasting financial independence. It will teach you not just success in this business, but success in any business environment.

You may have been waiting a long time to find such a plan, and may have wasted a great deal of time and money in your search. You may have become disillusioned and disheartened. But now you can put any bad experiences behind you.


This program is specifically designed to solve the income problems experienced by so many in today's economy.

It's designed to work from any organized space in your home that you can set aside. You can get started from your PC station because this truly is an on-line business. And it's ready for you.

There's no red tape either. It's as easy to start this plan as deciding to do it!

I'll train and work closely with you. You'll be guided to a successful and rewarding career. You'll become your own boss and you'll be writing your own pay checks.

Earning $2,000 or more every week can be only a few steps away. Imagine what you want to achieve, and this plan will give you the means to achieve it all. I believe that there's room in everyone's life for an extra $2,000+ a week.


It's true because it's already being done by a selected few, and it's working because it's marketed correctly and people are making money, regardless of past experiences or training. If you simply follow the instructions given, it will work for you as well. I guarantee it.

PROJECT 21 is a unique plan. It gets you started in the lucrative world of home Internet e-mail order. You can start this business with no money, and earn an income of $2,000 or even more, each week, by simply following the instructions provided to you.

There are 12 installments in the course (after the first free month), and each of them helps you to progress your business in an easy, step-by-step fashion. No longer are you left high and dry, like other plans that offer everything but deliver nothing.

From day one, you will have what you need to generate a fabulous income that grows continually as the months pass. Within just 3 weeks, you can enjoy an income flow that will astound you.

The information you will receive each month is not only your instructional course, but it is also your product, ready made. It sells like hot cakes, without any personal contact. The whole operation is conducted entirely on the Internet.

Work when it suits you, from only 2 to 6 hours a week. Yes, that's right. From just 2 hours each week, you will have an on-going home e-mail order business running from your PC station within 3 weeks. It takes only 2 to 3 months to build your income level to your eventual target.

Once you reach that figure, you will probably want to expand it again. You'll always find more uses for the fabulous income that this plan provides.

How often have you dreamed of the solution to all your money worries? Now that dream can become a reality, but you choose whether you want that dream, or whether you prefer to continue the struggle.

The cold facts are plain. Most people ignore the opportunities that present themselves several times in a lifetime. Most people are afraid to reach out for a new solution because they are preoccupied with being ripped off.

Some people are afraid of a change in direction because it presents the unknown. Others are cynical in the extreme, but miss the point completely.

Money comes only if you ask for it.

PROJECT 21 gives you the money and the freedom. Customers are flocking, eager to buy and glad that they did. There are few opportunities such as this one.

Are you wondering if it will work for you? It is designed to work for everyone. But it can only work if you let it. The planning, the marketing and the product are all done and ready for you. All you need is to recognize the opportunity and possess the desire to get started.

There's only one way to prove to yourself that this plan is everything I say it is. The real test is to do it. Once you have mustered a little courage to test my claims, use my advice and follow my instructions, nothing will hold you back, as hundreds of satisfied customers testify.


Alan J. writes - "When your Project 21 leaflets dropped into my e-mail box, I was already in a deep financial crisis. There was no way out. Without an escape route, I simply didn't know which way to turn. My mortgage was on the line, the recession biting hard. My bank manager called in all my credit cards, my check book and the keys to my car. This was the last straw. I decided to fight back, ignoring the cynics and went for Project 21. Something told me to do it. That was the best decision I ever made. Now I'm financially secure, my bank is pleased I made it through."

With just 100 customers, PROJECT 21 brings you USD $4,500 each month from all over the world. If you had 100 customers in the whole of a year, you would receive USD $54,000. Within a few months it is possible to have as many as 100, 200, or even 300 clients.

It's been done more than once, and you could easily do the same! Remember that how far you go is up to you. If you devote more than 12 to 15 hours weekly, then you could aim for 250 customers, or devote 20 to 30 hours weekly for 500 customers.


This plan works because so many people need training and experience without having to spend large amounts of time and money. There are a lot of people that can't afford to change careers, or start new businesses. This plan helps those people get the training and experience needed to run their own business without risk or heavy financial investment.

There are estimated to be around 75,000,000 opportunity seekers in the US alone at any one time, and many more in Canada. That's a HUGE marketplace of dissatisfied people looking for something new and different which will change their lives.

PROJECT 21 will give you the power to achieve your ambitions, starting within a few short weeks. You can do it easily, because the product and the promotion materials are ready-made for you. You simply follow the instructions.

All over the world, people are looking to get hold of a plan like this. Far more people than any one person can handle. The market is always changing, and the theory of saturation does not stand.

PROJECT 21 is an education in itself. It's a marvelous opportunity for wealth and freedom. PROJECT 21 will show you just how successful Internet marketing can be.

Reginald Gee, who became a millionaire in mail order, declared, "It's easy to make money when you know how". Others such as John Gommes, Peter Reed and John Scott are all well-known millionaires who made their fortunes the same way.

So what's the secret? There's no secret to making big money on-line. We do it, and so do thousands of others. You only need to know the success formula to achieve precisely the same. You need no special skills, or even any knowledge about the subject, to be just as successful. The beauty of this business is that you don't need to know anyone. You don't need to go out and sell, and you don't need buckets of money to get started. Best of all, you can do it at home, without staff, or overhead. Too often we take the advice of those around us who are not successful.

Most unsuccessful people find negativity in projects or opportunities that they don't fully understand or recognize.


This program gives you the advantages that the millionaires in mail order already use. Right from day one, you'll have all the material and information you need to get you on the road to success. That's no idle claim. The success formula has been identified. PROJECT 21 captures that formula, and makes it ready to use by novices and professionals alike. In the business, we say it has been fully packaged and proven. Follow our success and make it your own!!!

Of course, nothing of value is free. And of course PROJECT 21 isn't free. If you bought it outright, it would cost $540, but most people can't afford to pay USD $540 all at once. That's why PROJECT 21 has been designed for you to start it with NO MONEY DOWN. In fact, if you find this program doesn't work as stated, you never have to pay anything - and I'll pay you for any clients you may have signed up.

Most careers have expenses involved. Professionals have licensing and insurance fees. Industry workers generally have union dues. Business owners generally have such overhead as rent and stock. This business is no different. However, I'm sure you will agree that your total cost is far less than the fees paid by most other industries.

You'll have all the latest instructions, and the product, to increase your income weekly.

Your profit rapidly escalates, as increasing numbers of people send you $45 USD per month. Watch the power of multiplication at work! But remember, this is not an MLM, or network marketing.

There are no downline commissions or bonuses, no sales parties, and no stock to buy each month, or qualifying levels to reach. There are NO waiting for cheques from any intermediary because your customers directly pay you to your account. This is your own business. You have direct control over it at every stage.

The more customers you get, the more you will earn. You can run your business for as long as you wish, but if at any time you wish to stop, there is a guaranteed buy-back, so you can sell your business back to your sponsor. Not that you'll likely ever want to do that, of course!

But some people may wish to retire or take time off. The nice thing about this business is that once you've completed your first year, you own the rights to the product material and you may restart your business any time you wish to without any further payments.

With PROJECT 21, the income you make by staying at home will far outweigh what you may earn in full-time employment for someone else!

You're not left on your own to sink or swim either. We want you to succeed. So, any time you need help or advice, you will have an e-mail help line address.

Some people say they can't afford to join the PROJECT 21 plan. That's like saying, "I can't afford to become rich"! Some will also look at this and say it won't or can't work. But only those who haven't tried it, and don't know the complete program, say that it won't work. Those who have joined have never looked back. Success is for those that are willing to try something new and work hard at becoming successful.

So now that you've read this far, you know how it works! You already know how careful you have to be to avoid losing hard-earned cash on money- making scams and MLM plans. But I'm sure that something inside is already telling you that this is the right plan for you. In fact, you already know it will work. And the great thing about this program is that it will not cost you a dime to try it.

Your intuitive abilities guide you well. You know that by joining now, you can have 100 of your own customers in a very short time. And of course, these info packs provide the information for you to pass on to those customers. Getting started is the easy part. Deciding to do it is essential.

If you want to begin the program, then you MUST do it QUICKLY. Each day that passes is another lost opportunity. If you leave it too late, then chances are you will have missed this offer completely.


We consider 100 enrollments to be about ideal. Not only does it bring in an annual revenue of USD $54,000, but it is also an easy number of customers to manage and to provide with support. You could easily achieve this in a few short months.

However, if you would like 150 customers, that's even better, provided that you can devote the extra time needed. After all, that's an income of USD $81,000 PER YEAR!!!

Each one of your clients buys into the same opportunity for financial freedom as you. In return for their monthly subscription, you simply reproduce the parts of the course as supplied to you, and send them to each client.

It's such an easy way to get into on-line fortunes that we know you will be thoroughly delighted. Review the material you have received. Make a list of any questions you wish to ask, and e-mail them to me. I will be happy to help you get started. Don't forget, all the instructions are fully detailed and easy to follow, on a month-by-month basis.

Finally, the benefits of PROJECT 21 should remain uppermost in your mind.

PROJECT 21 enables you, your family and your friends to:

Become truly wealthy. Enjoy a steady cash income. Own luxury cars of your choice. Own your own home outright. Take several holidays a year. Eliminate all of your debts. Be independent. Enjoy the good life. Not want or struggle for anything again.

Best of all, you'll have the time you want to enjoy the things you'll finally be able to afford.

If you want any of these things, and the satisfaction that goes with a respectable business, then join me now. The thirst for information of this caliber is massive. Thousands want the knowledge that you can provide. You get that knowledge first, putting yourself in a position of success. You'll never look back.

To get started, read the other e-mails (InfoPack 4) included with this one, and then e-mail me.

Your success is only a few keystrokes away.

Yours sincerely,

M. Temmerman


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