Information Pack 4


For your guidance, we have summarized the information for Project 21 below, providing you with the necessary details to help you assess the suitability of this plan for you.

The income level is realistic and achievable. Although we state $4,500 USD monthly as your target figure, you're not limited as to how much you can earn. This plan is an ideal way to get into the big profits of on-line business.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Do I need any special skills to achieve success with the plan? A: No special skills are needed. As well as providing you with full instructions each month, this plan is also your product. Just follow the instructions.

Q: What happens if I want to stop the plan once I have started it?

A: You can stop at any time you choose. There are one or two things to consider, though. First, you will have started receiving an income every month. If you stop the plan, your income will also stop. However, if because of circumstances beyond your control, you cannot continue, I guarantee to buy your plan back from you and take over your income so that everyone who has joined you will not lose out. This also acts as a fail-safe for you and your clients.

Q: I don't know anything about running my own business, so how can it help me? I don't really want to get involved with taxes and employment and all the regulations.

A: This is a home-based business. Like thousands of other businesses, which get started each year, you do not need experience to begin, and you don't have to get involved with bureaucracy. It is simply deciding that you want to start earning this sort of income. As you go on, you'll realize how much easier this business is compared with what you already do for an income. For starters, there's a lot less hassle. You decide your working hours. Taxes are more flexible when you really start earning large sums of money.

Q: Is this business legal and above-board?

A: Yes, in fact, not only is it legal, it is a very respectable and rewarding occupation. Starting now, you'll get real benefits for the future, and you'll learn about the easiest and most enjoyable way to achieve success in all your future ambitions. Much of the course deals with this concept in detail. The course material provides much sound advice. This business provides a great product at a fair price.

Q: How does this program works?

A: Firstly, let me say one thing: This program really WORKS! You make money by encouraging your prospects to send you an "I NEED TO START" email and supplying them with further instructions to try this program. When they send you "I NEED TO START" email, you are half way to convert your prospect into a "paying client", and the marketing strategies contained in the InfoPacks will do the rest of the job to help your prospect to promote this program.

I can assure you that your prospect will be as successful as you were when you get started. The more people your prospect can find who are interested in trying this program, the more likely he/she will have more paying clients and thus, the more likely your prospect will pay you to stay in the program in order to obtain further installments for supplying to their own clients. Without those 12-month installments supplied by you, your prospect will not be able to supply to their clients and thus, cannot earn a residual income.

Q: Can you help me or advise me if I need assistance getting started or along the way?

A: Yes, I will be very pleased to help you along the way whenever you need consultation.


Many people have been deterred from doing business on-line because they never know whether they can trust the person making the offer. I find that once anyone has seen the full picture, and that I am making a serious, genuine offer, they have found me to be very honest and straightforward.

PROJECT 21 is an on-line adaptation of a program that has been operated successfully by regular direct mail for many years in the UK.

This product is a step-by-step, monthly course of information on how to operate a successful business entirely from the comfort of your own home/PC workstation.

The information that is sent to you in the second month is a comprehensive, 48-pages e-mail manual which guides you into the lucrative world of Internet e-mail order. Each month you will receive a new installment, which will help you progress in an easy to follow fashion. You will also receive full reproduction rights to sell to your clients.

You may have received hundreds of offers via e-mail full of hype and promising you thousands of dollars for doing next to nothing but asking you to pay cash before disclosing what it is that they are selling. Usually these offers are rubbish to be filed in the trash. I realize that you don't know me and have no way of judging my integrity. All I can do is make PROJECT 21 as easy as possible for you to duplicate it's success.


"Already since going on-line with PROJECT 21, my income stream looks destined to multiply. I could not believe the speed of take-up! A small e-mailing test was done on Monday evening, and by Wednesday morning there were 19 inquiries and five "I NEED TO START" emails. Then after posting in newsgroups and two more e-mails of 500 and 750, by Sunday there were over 60 inquiries and eight more Letters of Intent. I can't wait to open tomorrow's e-mail!"

"I've only been promoting Project 21 for six weeks and I have being paid by 47 new clients. Why didn't someone come out with this brilliant idea before?"


What sets PROJECT 21 apart from the rest is that to get started all that is required from you is an EMAIL, with the Subject Line "I Need To Start".

Note: You must be 18 years of age to participate in this program.

You have made a very wise decision! I look forward to working with you through the year.

Remember! You have nothing to lose by trying. You can cancel at any time. Send me an email now.

Good luck!

Yours sincerely,

M. Temmerman


You are receiving this information because you request for it by emailing to me. If you choose not to receive further emails, please rely to this email and state so. Thank you.