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Each course including manual , one CD ROM and certificate only ª 60


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Soon Thai Cooking Course in Spain and Italy

Register now:

If your interest is simply in learning more about what goes into Thai food dishes in order to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment when dining out, don't hesitate to join us. Whatever your aspirations, whatever your level, because our classes are kept small, your individual needs will be addressed with as much attention as you require.

Thai food lovers enjoy a special bonus. We purchase all our produce, fish, and meat daily from the local market, so you will not be not only preparing, but also enjoying some of the best cuisine that Southern Thailand has to offer. Students who participate in 3 or more of our evening classes receive a certificate of achievement and free souvenir apron.






Atelier Euro Thai Wellness
11010 Aymavilles (AO)
2, Frazione Ferrière






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