This is God Embryo's rotating mp3s station, where I get to post songs for everyone's wholesome pleasure.

**Keep in mind that only a few songs will be posted per week. The mp3 files here are only temporarily hosted and will be removed after every next update. Recent and upcoming songs will be listed before and after currently posted track/s. If you would like to comment, leave a msg on my blog's zonkboard.

Passive Aggressive by Placebo.
7.50 | lyrics | Starts slow but picks up beat on some parts of song.

Learning to Hunt by Guided by Voices.
9.50 | lyrics | My only complain is that it's too short. Used in the movie Crime + Punishment in Suburbia.

Haemoglobin by Placebo.
9.25 | lyrics | Kick-ass lyrics, on par with Every You and Every Me.

Mister Love by The Toadies.
7.50 | lyrics | Download the song, just so you can hear the vocalist repeat the word love again and again and laugh hysterically afterwards.

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