Center for Rural Technology Development
tech assistance & consultancy


CRTD provides technical assistance and consultancy services not only to PBSP partners and beneficiaries but also to external clients (other NGOs, GOs, private individuals). Technology processes and systems installation on Demo Farm and Farming Systems are among the technologies being disseminated by CRTD on top of production and management of specific commodities (crops, livestock and poultry, aquaculture and others).

a. Demonstration Farm Establishment and Management

CRTD assists in the conceptualization, design, establishment and management of Demo Farms. It involves site validation, identification of commodity mixes/ land-use and overall farm planning and management from preparation of lay-out, cropping pattern and financial projections.

b. Farming Systems Development and Management

CRTD has developed three (3) farmer-managed integrated farming systems (IFS) that suit different resource bases, commodity mixes, and farm area. CRTD also designs farming systems for beneficiaries of other NGOs, GOs, and other individuals. Its implementation is guided with the basic IFS principles--diversification, integration, optimum resource management, gradual shift to organic farming, and entrepreneurship.

c. Agricultural Technologies

For specific agricultural projects and commodities, CRTD provides assistance on the production aspects and the recommended cultural and management practices to increase farmers' productivity and income.