Center for Rural Technology Development
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BUKHAY 1 ("Bukid ng Buhay" or Farm of Life)

BUKHAY 1 ("Bukid ng Buhay" or Farm of Life) is an integrated farming system for a one (1.0)-hectare farm. This was conceptualized to convince farmers still practicing the monocrop farming to diversify their farms to increase income. It is a livestock-based farming system development model managed by a farm family of six members. The major components of the system are dairy cattle, swine breeding, ducks, broilers, and kabir chicken production. Other components include vegetables, fruit crops, and cutflowers.


BUKHAY 5000 was developed to provide a model for a half (0.5)-hectare farming system. This model is a vegetable-based farm integrated with hog fattening project, broiler production, cutflower, and fruit crops production.

SAPAT (Sustaining Agricultural Productivity Through Appropriate Technology) 2000

SAPAT 2000 is a 2,000 mē (0.2 ha.) tilapia-based farm, which integrates other highly marketable farm produts like vegetables, fruits, and ornamental crops. Other projects include broiler production and duck raising. The farm was designed to provide for the needs of a family of six.


A commercial farm model which tests other high income generating, farm-based technologies and agri-enterprises such as Tilapia Hatchery and Fattening, Cutflower and Ornamental Crops Production, Organic Rice, Fruit and Vegetable Crops Production, Purebred Kabir Chicken Raising, Dairy Cattle and Swine Production, commercial production of Coconut Shoot ("Ubod"/Heart of Palm) and Vermicomposting.