In today’s modern world, environmental pollution is man's greatest enemy. Despite the introduction of several ways and methods, the problem still persists. RENTAK AGRESIF SDN BHD is proud to introduce X-2 Power Fuel Additive, a biodegradable product manufactured LANGKAH RESTU SDN BHD that is totally environmental-friendly. Unlike others in the market, X-2 Power made from the extracts of Palm Kernel. This additive is safe, clean and gives maximum protection and savings. It has been tested by PUSPAKOM and SIRIM.


80% - Palm oil

20% - Mixture Dimethyl Heptane, Trimethly Benzene, Decane, Nonane, Undecane,

Dedecane, Tridecane, Tetradecane, Pentadecanoic, Palmitic dan Oleic Acid


1) Maximum combustion, greater milleage

2) Smoother engine produces extra speed

3) Cleaner exhaust emission-low environmental pollution, healthy living

4) Prevent cold start

5) Self cleaning of the spark plugs, carburetors, fuel injectors and lines

6) Clean engine-longer life, cost reduction and maintainance

7) Additive is biodegrable and eco-friendly, non flammable, non-corrosive and safe to handle

8) Can be used with Petrol and Diesel

Easy to use(Click here to know direction to use)


Harian Metro

Bio-Aditif X-2 jimat kos

HASIL penyelidikan terkini dalam minyak sawit kini bukan saja dimanfaatkan untuk bio-diesel tetapi turut dikembangkan untuk menghasilkan produk menjimatkan bahan api. (More)

Berita Harian

Bio-Aditif jimatkan guna petrol, membersih enjin

PENJAGAAN kenderaan terutamanya enjin amat rumit dan memerlukan perbelanjaan yang mahal. Justeru, ia perlu jagaan rapi bagi memastikan hayatnya dapat bertahan lama dan sekali gus mengurangkan kos penyelenggaraan. (More)


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- RM9.90 - perbottle 130 ml (Can find us at Cheras,Ampang or near there)-just email for details

- RM7.50 perbottle 130ml for order more than 48 bottles (2 boxes)..

Please CALL or SMS: SAFUAN(019-2523454)