The Dojo

Tendoryu Aikido Singapore is affiliated to Tendoryu Aikido, Japan and Tendoryu Aikido, German.

Tendoryu Aikido Singapore was founded by Peter Nawrot sensei (4th dan) and Birgit Lauenstein sensei (4rth dan).

Both of them have practised Aikido for more than 8 years at the dojo of Shimizu sensei in Tokyo (Tendokan).

The current instructor is Tan Chee Wei sensei (2nd Dan).



Tan Chee Wei sensei obtained his 1st Dan (black belt) In 1990 from Aikikai Singapore in which he was the Assistant Instructor at the Tampines Aikido Club.

He has spent 2 months of intensive training in Japan Aikido Headquarters (Hombu) under various instructors including Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei, the son of founder Morihei Ueshiba. He returned to Singapore and continued training at the Tampines Dojo as Assistant Instructor

In 1998 November, Chee Wei sensei met Peter Nawrot sensei and started training the Tendoryu style. He obtained the Instructor's License when Tendoryu Aikido (Singapore) was formed.

In 1999 January, he started teaching Aikido at Chatsworth International School.

He was awarded 2nd Dan by Tendoryu Aikido Japan in 2000. He has also visited the Tendokan headquarters of Tendoryu Aikido and trained under Shimizu sensei, the founder of Tendoryu Aikido.









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