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(Japanese ceramic cup of Sake. about Height 5.5cm, width 6.5cm)made by Mrs. I'kkow Inaba.
Even if it is seen historically, it can be proud of the Japanese Ceramic Arts in the world. Tradition from the old days is succeeded to even in continuous to the present. Let's enjoy the Ceramic Arts of the beautiful Japan with everyone, and study. Let's go through this Tomgama's Home-page with everyone, and exchange and information and soon.

CYAWAN (Japanese Tea Ceremony Cup) made by M-an Inaba (width about 12.5cm each)
It is put in the wave of the history, the Ceramic Arts of the beautiful Japan changes modernistic, too. Tomgama want to goes against that change, and works to pursue the good point which an old fashioned things has, beauty. Therefore, the things that Tomgama is created maybe able to be said as the old fashioned things. But, a beautiful things is beautiful !!

"Teaching others teaches yourself"

This is favorite word of Tomgama



◎…Tomgama's Schedules in October 2009…◎
Ordinary Group …8, 9, 22, 23. (6:30pm〜9:00pm) at Jyou Studio.
Wednesday Group … 7, 14, 21, 28.(10:30am〜2:30pm, inclusive Lunch time) at Jyou Studio.
Sturday Group … 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. (10:00am〜2:30pm, inclusive Lunch time). Sturday Evening Group (2:30pm〜5:00pm) at Mountain Atelier.
Specially equipped Group…3, 10, 17, 24, 31.(10:00am〜2:30pm, Anytime OK. but for only expert) at Jyou Studio.
Sunday Group …4, 11, 18, 25. (10:00am〜2:30pm, inclusive Lunch time) at Mountain Atelier.
Syuzenji Group … 27. (9:30am〜2:30pm, inclusive Lunch time) at Jyou Studio.
Primary School Group …10.(9:00am〜11:50am) at Jyou Studio. With parents and family.

                     ※※Special Chice of This Month※※
                         Vase(by Ikkou Inaba)

Gallery Tomgama (at Corner of Katsuda building material's store in Izu-shi Jyou) Permanent Exhibition and Sale.

CYAWAN: The works which was created recently ( by M-an Inaba )
There is Tomgama of inside of the central mountains of the Izu Peninsula specified in the Japanese National Park. There is even a resort zone of the metropolitan area in the Izu Peninsula, because it is close to Tokyo as well and a hot spring wells up abundantly and a scene is good, too. But, so a person is almost producing Ceramic Arts quietly in the place where there is Tomgama in the mountain top which it doesn't live in, too.

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