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Major Components

Pressurized Axis

Main Units Service Module (Zvezda) Functional Cargo Module (Zarya) Node 1 (Unity) Laboratory (Destiny)
Images ZvezdaZaryaUnityDestiny
Axis Progress (supply ship), Zvezda Zarya, PMA-1 Unity Destiny, PMA-2
Starbord n/a n/a "Quest" Airlock (more) n/a
Nadir Pirs and Strela boom Soyuz (CRV) (for MPLM) n/a
Port n/a n/a PMA-3 n/a
Zenith n/a Z-1 Truss more S-0 Truss
Other MSS (Canadarm 2)

Unpressurized Axis

P-6 P-5 P-3/4 P-1 S-0 S-1 S-3/4 S-5 S-6
Port Truss Summary Starbord Truss Summary
Status Installed on Z-1 flight 12A.1 flight 12A Installed Installed Installed - - -
Equipment Solar Array Solar Array Radiators Radiators Solar Array Solar Array

Launch Hardware

SOYUZ launch vehicles (info at launch Soyuz and Progress (more) vehicles.

The European Space Agency is preparing the Automated Transfer Vehicle for launch in autumn 2004. "Every 12 months or so, the ATV will haul 7.5 tonnes of cargo from its Kourou launch site in French Guiana to the Station 400 km above the Earth. An on board high precision navigation system will guide the ATV on a rendezvous trajectory towards ISS, where it will automatically dock with the Station's Russian service module. The ATV will remain there as a pressurized and integral part of the Station for up to six months until its final mission: a fiery one-way trip into the Earth's atmosphere to dispose of up to 6.5 tonnes of Station waste."

NASDA's HOPE-X is nearing completion.

Other Hardware

SPACEHAB pressurized logistics module: Overview, SPACEHAB.COM home.

Assembly Sequence


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