My Linux Distro Picks

These are Linux Distros that have tested. I carry Damn Small Linux and Slax with me. I have not yet settled on a desktop distro.

Business Card Live Distros - 50 Mb and under

The point here is to be able to carry a Linux distro anywhere, anytime. Because of the size limitation, a business card distro does just one job.

Damn Small Linux

The one job here is to be a minimal but functional desktop environment.

Luit Linux A portable desktop environment, inspired by Damn Smal Linux but with a different window manager and a different set of applications.

Austrumi Another portable minimal desktop, but with a different set of initialization scripts and some different application choices.

Linux BBC

This is not a portable desktop, but a Linux toolkit. Linux BBC automatically sets up to use the HPFS partitions on my OS/2 machine. This makes file recovery from OS/2 possible.

Compact Live Distros - 50 Mb to 200 Mb

Slax There is an excellent set of extensions (additional modules) for Slax at

Full Size Live Distros - Over 200 Mb


Hard Drive Install Distros

Munjoy Linux 481 Mb

Specialty Distros


Core Linux


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04 May 2004