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You will need the free RealOne Player to listen to or watch most of these. Look for the "Free RealOne Player" link near the bottom of the page.

* For English learners.
* "Streaming media". You cannot back up or repeat this program, but streaming news programs often repeat stories many times.
* You can back up or repeat this program.
 8   16   20   32   80  These are "encoding speeds". Higher numbers mean clearer sound.
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Site For English Learners

*  TP  Learn English with Songs from the British Council

This is a nice, fun site. It is worth learning to do their activities. They feature a Song of the Week.

* Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Randal has a lot of listening quizzes, rated "Easy", "Medium" and "Difficult".

* BBC World Service Learning English

There are many parts to BBC World Service Learning English. Some of the listening parts are:

*  TP  Voice of America Special English

The website has a wordbook with all the VOA Special English words and transcripts of feature programs. Each 30 minute broadcast has ten minutes of news, followed by two features about ten minutes each. You can download and keep the audio files.

AIP Science Report Radio

The American Institute of Physics used to produce short (about 2 minutes long) radio programs on a variety of science topics. Their old shows, in RealAudio format and with scripts, are available in an archive. Select a topic by clicking one of the nine links at the top of the page. You can download and save the audio files and scripts. * * Sample audio and script.

PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA works for animal rights and tries to educate the public about how animals suffer when they are used as food, for fur, in experiments, and in other ways. They have a page of short videos and many longer videos. Short video sample. Short audio sample.

Favorite Poem Project

Watch * * videos of people talking about themselves and reading their favorite poems. I like I'm Nobody. High school student Yina Liang tells about herself and reads a poem by Emily Dickenson.

* * Online Newshour Extra

Visit this site to read news stories. Some of the stories have listening files.

NPR is National Public Radio.

Listen now to:

BBC Radio has a huge selection of programs.

You can use the BBC Radio Player to listen to many of them. These links will pop up a player so you can listen now to:

Voice of America News

Network Plus

Listen or download a variety of programs here.

C-SPAN is "Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network."

C-SPAN broadcasts events from the US Senate and House of Representatives, and other US government-related programs. C-SPAN schedule.

NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA broadcasts space missions and other science programs on NASA Television (schedule).

United Nations.

The UN has a large archive of videos and many programs. The following are short programs (about 14 minutes each). Look for the their links on the right side of the United Nations Radio page:  TP  Scope "A magazine about the UN at work",  TP  Perspective "An in-depth analysis of events and issues beyond the headlines",  TP  Women "Women's news and views around the globe". * *  TP  The latest programs from "Perspective", "Women" and "Scope" can be downloaded from this page.

American Foundation for the Blind.

* Listening Links from the Internet TESL Journal

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