L. Wong's Search for his Chinese Relatives, including, Ling Tze Tsui and David Wing Tsui, Directors of Crisline Co. Ltd., Ling de Paris, and Collins Ind. Co. Ltd., Based in Several Countries, Including Hong Kong, Paris, New York, and Canada.

I am trying very hard to find my international and Chinese relatives, Ling Tze Wong Tsui and David Wing Po Tsui. They are the directors of several companies registered in Hong Kong, China. These companies are Crisline de Paris or registered as Crisline Company Limited, company number, 81239; Ling de Paris Limited, company number 53732; Collins Industrial Co. Ltd., 39358. Crisline advertises a line of products called Nutri Pharm and maintains the Crisline Dermo-Plas centre on Leighton Road. My relatives have held businesses in France, Britain, Austria, Japan, and New York City. My aunt's and uncle's businesses have appeared in Femina Magazine and Vogue Magazine as well as several other trade resources. My aunt was the Baroness de Bavier of Austria, presented the Sierra Leone diamond at the Mandarin, and organized the Far East exhibition for Cartier in 1974. Collins Industrial, one of their four floor companies, had grown from 60 people to 800 with a 500,000 watch per month output in the late 70's. My aunt is registered as a Swiss citizen; in addition, my uncle is registered as a British citizen at the Registry on Gloucester in Central.

If the person viewing this site could help me in any way I would be most grateful. The following links are documents that may help you or myself to find my relatives. There is a link below to the rest of my site dedicated to finding my family. There is information on how I can be contacted.


Aunt Ling Tze Tsui and David Wing Tsui

Ling and David


Name: Mr. D., L. Wong
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lingtzedavidwingtsui@hongkong.com (probably my Better one)
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Phone: Working on this Mail : c/o Chinatown Mail, 39 Bowery, Mailbox 537, New York, New York, 10002, United States of America

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Pleadingly, again, I would greatly appreciate any help in finding my relatives: a letter, a phone call, or maybe some e-mail(in triplicate). I have not seen them since 1983. I would greatly appreciate your help.

ALSO, PLEAZE VISIT MY "REST STOP/KIOSK/CHA PLACE in Asia" :):(: ==============================================================

ALSO, PLEAZE VISIT MY "REST STOP/KIOSK/CHA PLACE in USA" :):(: ==============================================================

Saturday, April 14, 2001