Here is my Betta Tank- 10 Gallon, Divided tank.  I used 'plastic canvas' from the craft shop, and got some plastic strips from Home Depot to put around the area that I wanted my divider to sit, and used regular clear silicon to set it in-
It houses 2 Bettas'-
I have sand as my substrate, a few plastic plants. and a colourful background for veiwing pleasure((:
I have a 50 watt 8' inch heater(top fin) on this tank- I keep their water temp at 78- 80 degrees.
I feed them *Hikari* Betta food, 3 x a day
@ 2- 3 pellets each time. per fish.
I do 30- 40 percent water change 2 x a week.
I use *Aquarium Pharmaceuticals,inc- Tap Water Conditioner* as my water conditioner- and fill up the tank directly from the tap

Please take note- Male Bettas can NOT be housed together, I.E in the same tank, unless you have as I have here a divided tank!
They will fight, and kill each other. sad)):

Also- never, ever NEVER keep your Betta in one of those Vases, with a plant.. that is cruel- nomatter who tells you differently.
They need room to move around, and they are a living creature, they NEED to be fed daily!

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