~ok, I'm inlove with a rock star! SlaSh! formar GNR lead guitarist! he is my ultimate fantasy, in every way! ~nuff said.
Howdy Doodie!!!!!
Glad you made it in! I am angeldee~  asianangeldee, or just ginai...

I live in Atlanta Georgia (usa) - My life is not all that exciting at all, however I do seem to attract lots and lots of DRAMA.
I have found the best thing for me is too keep to myself, and be friendly with others at a distance.
I wear my heart on my sleeve, and most ppl do seem to take advantage of that.
I am a free sprit, I love nature, flowers, earth, and love., animals play a big part in my life aswell.
Dogs are a mans best friend! Indeed, this is so true!

I have learned the hard way, That I cannot save the world., or all the people in it, I can however be a good person, and stay true to myself.
It is so easy to be pulled down by the weight of other peoples troubles, and mishaps... and it would seem that in most cases 'people' are so eager to pull one down to their level of unhappiness, or bad luck.

some things I love to do:
Reading, Feng Shui, Gardening, Painting, music, computer, movies, and Home. (no place like home!!)
Aquatics-  ( Freshwater)
I have 5 dogs- a lab, a Rottie mix, a doberman, and twin chihuahuas.
2 cats,  and I feed the birds outside, and all the squirells (sp)?
I guess you could say I love all animals. I am always trying to 'save' some animal.
thats how I got all my dogs- I rescued them! I hate animal abuse!
To see my Pups
, *** CLICK HERE***--->> **pUppIeS**

!!!support your local shelter!!!

!!!Please spay or neuter your animals today!!!

**ALSO- **
I collect ~ IDEAL CRISSY DOLLS ~ Vintage dolls from the 70's- you may read, and see my collection  *here* ---->>

***CLICK HERE***-->>  * gInAis IdEaL CrIsSy WoRlD*** !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DOLL COLLECTION !!!!!!!!!!

Any questions, or comments please feel free to email me :
asianangeldee@yahoo.com or ICQ 3876077
I would love to hear from you!((:

Remember to say a prayer for those less fortunate, homeless, and all the abused animals on Gods earth. You can make a difference!
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