Community Tank-Fishes' --- Tropical (warm water) Fish.

This tank is a 20 Gallon long- with filtration of: a whisper 330- and a Top fin 10 (i think) it came with a 10 gallon set-up I bought about 3 years ago. - never used the filter, and saw an ideal opportunity to use it now. and a 8' inch 100 watt heater (I keep my water temp right at 78/80 degrees at all times-
Substrate---> for now, I have Natural rounded pebbles , smooth rounded ones of medium size.

This tank houses: Albino Corydoras (corie cats) a school of about 17, started out with 3 (2 females, and 1 male), and they kept on having babies! just gave a friend of mine a school of 7 of the babies, they were about 2/3 months old.- I kept the smallest ones- they were only about 1 month old. I will talk about mating/ babies, eggs and such on another page. or if you have questions, please feel free to email me with such. easy to sex:" females=longer, fatter", wider." males=shorter, thinner, smaller".

Also living in this tank are one single otto- had 2, one died, I am in debate should I get another so the one will n ot be alone.

(FEEDING)---> *hint* (turn off filters while feeding (about 5 mins) so the filter will not suck up floating foods)
I feed these fishes' TetraMin Tropical Tablets,(sinking for bottom feeders) but all the fishes' seem to enjoy them!- ALSO Algae Chips (needed by  mollies- but enjoyed by all)

Aqurium Tps for full step by step how to 'maintainece.' water changes.

First REMEMBER to always unplug the heater before you begin!!! also turn off filters.

I do Bi- weekly water changes of 80/90% water out-  I use a syphon to get the water out, and a large bucket.

I use a paper towel to wipe down the sides and bottom of my tank, rinse off any decorations, add my water conditioner, and start to fill back up with tap water, as close to temperature of tank water taken out, as not to shock the fish.

rinse off filter/pads, or change new filter pads.( I change mine monthly) plug back in heater and filters, and your done!
***(Inbetween monthly filter pad changs-->you can rinse/wash them off weekly- I take mine completly off the little black plastic inserter, and wash them really well *water only*, and put them right back on! .. they will keep good for up to a month! but make sure to replace at least once a month!)***

*I do not recommend to have as many fish in your tank as I have here- unless you are experienced and know how to handle the load. in my case, I have double the filtration that one would normally need for a 20 (I have 40) and I do larger water changes, more frequently than most would for the size of tank*
           This page just updated! 4/27/2004