Fish Disease
On This Page, I will address Fish Disease....

However, In my own personal experience, the only time I have ever experienced any Fish ailment, was when I first started out, and I bought a Beautiful White Betta Fish, and didn't know it had Ick! and of course with out quarantining the fish first, I put it right into my main community fish tank-  not all my fish got ick, maybe 2 or 3- but I got it right away- and got me some
'Ick Clear Tank Bubbies' by: Jungle.
It works great! and it is so easy to use- just drop the little fizz tablet in, and it works right away- had my tank back good and ick free in 2 days!!!

There are many sites that offer good advice on fish disease- I have them listed on my LINKS page., I count myself as lucky to never have had to deal with any major fish problems- my secret?
PREVENTION! with your weekly/monthly water changes, filter changes, not overfeeding, and NOT overstocking your tank, you too should be disease, and trouble free.

*REMEMBER* You have taken on a breathing, living, creature here... fish eat, see, breathe, and I am sure they can feel., please keep their world (tank) clean, and feed them regularly.. put yourself in their place, would you want a fish keeper like yourself?, if you answered yes.. then rest assured you are a good fish keeper((:

I have seen some peoples fish tanks so dirty and over run with fish waste, that you could not even see the fish anymore., would you want to live like that?
to me, that is soooo sad.
please stop fish cruelty!!!!
MELAFIX-all natural antibacterial remedy for fresh water and salt water fish., Rapidly repairs damaged fins, Ulcers, and Open Wounds.-Fin and Tail Rot, Open Red Sores, Open body Wounds, EYE CLOUD,POP EYE, BODY SLIME, AND MOUTH FUNGAS-
MELAFIX is all natural and will not harm plants, easy to use.

I have personally used this product- and it works wonders!