My Perennial Garden
This is a view of my front garden, standing  in my driveway, beside of my house, looking down toward the street.
This is a picture of my front walk/ garden., I started it almost 2 years ago, but due to many things going on in my life, I had to put it on hold untill now,..
as you can see, I have planted Iris, which have established very well, and have bloomed for me twice!!-, also I have 3 rose bushes, and in back of the iris, or in front of them, depending on where you are standing when you look at them, I have daylillies, and  vinca major., I have it all cleaned up, and mulched and ready to do my spring/ summer planting.
so far, I have added  sedum 'autum joy'., sedum mediovariegatum, malva marina, gaura lindheimeri 'pink lady', and some evening primrose..., also I will add some rudbeckia goldstrum, and some coneflowers ( both of these were started in my side garden, and are established, and ready to be transplanted now.
I am looking forward to the progress of my perennial garden.
4/28/04- here are some pics of my Roses in bloom! I have 6 rose bushes/vines, and I love them to peices! one in front of my house, and one I planted at the front walk, growinng on a small trellis!
4/28/04 another rose in bloom in front of my house.
4/28/04 here are my Iris in full bloom, they run along side the full lenght of my drive.
4/28/04 here another shot of my front garden, walk.
4/28/04 another pic of my rose in bloom, so pretty.
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