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Take a look at my new blog: Dad's Taxi and Favorites.  This my blog where I put review of  sites that I have come across. Worth the visit. 
Are you a
Web Addict ? Well this is the site for you. What started out as a site for my kids has become
grab bag of goodies (with no carbs, nor calories) that I've compiled from various resources.  A to Z this site has now has become your one stop resource for networking, parenting, education, worksheets, fun and games, coupons, shopping, travel and my personal fav is Personal finance.  As the useful sites keep changing, do stop by to see the sites I've found to be the best on the Web. Bottom line, you can't go wrong starting here.
Start with  this great site for family friendly websites which have been certified.  Start at this awesome library site or to speak the Net Lingo start here.

If you find a
link that doesn't work, please be kind enough to write me a note

This site is a starting point for Internet Search and a  mega-site for Web Exploration. I started this website for my kids but now it has become my Portal of  sites that I frequently visit and research that I'm still doing. Can't get enough of communicating?

On 1/8/2003 this site has  been certified to be a
Family Friendly Site

Are you into Computer Software (
Freeware)? Or are you just interested in computer related stuff like me?

If you have any
Links you would like to contribute feel free to email me . I will make an effort to reply to all emails. If you like this site feel free to link to this page from yours and tell your friends!

coupons to travel, fun and games, useful sites, worksheets to investing, this is your starting point.

My newest search is
saving for college as my oldest will be going to college in 2 years. Includes calculators and 529. I also love Clark Howard's site for 529 education.

Want to save money on phone calls in  2008, you have to check out
Magic Jack for your VOIP needs. Works well for me.

I'm finally entering the world of
blogging in 2008. My blog is a hodgepodge of sites that I've found entertaining, educating and just plain enjoyable. .

What's the
Bottom Line? search and ye shall find.

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