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Welcome to the Legends & Chronicles Website

This is the official website for the Legends and Chronicles Website. This is a collection of all the gaming materials from over 15 years of gaming.

To the left are links to the various universes or games I have run throughout the years if I am missing one please let me know. If you are unsure which game is what allow me to explain.

Kingdom at the Gate (L&C D20): This is the Norland: Legacy, Conquest of the Immortals, Stellar Horizons campaigns I ran with the d20 system when it first came out. That interpretation of the multiverse included D&D and Rifts in one gaming multiverse. Here the races, magic, psionics, and planes follow mostly D&D standard concepts and ideas. You will find no stats on anything on these pages just background information for your enjoyment.

Celestial Kingdom (Celestial Traveler): These are the very first games I ran in it you will find all sort of crazy things I did in gaming back in the early days of gaming. John Travolta, Klingons and Ferengi, Lestat, and Time Lords, a man called Drizzit Ssambre, and Norland home of Bilbo Baggins.

Kingdom of Power (Powers): This is a new RPG I am designing and playing with ideas. No immediate plans to run it however. It is mostly a think tank arena of ideas for how I would run a super hero game. I have based in on the old Power or Midnite Comics I used to design with a bunch of people I knew (and still do for the most part - you know who you are) If you ever designed a comic character and can remember anything about him or her drop me a line tell me a bit about and we can modify it for addition here.

Kingdom of Secrets (Dark Secrets): There were 2 Dark Secrets I ran both Live Action back in 98-2001sh. These files are an attempt to combine elements from both into one cohesive universe.

Midnite Kingdom (Supers): This is a game using elements from Power and Midnite Comics while the Kingdom of Power relies more on the Power comics age of characters. The Midnite Kingdom relies more on the Midnite age of characters but both need your help if you ever made a comic character back in the day. E-mail me with suggestion sand anything you might have. This game is currently being run by another GM and all the work on it is done by an outside source and there links are on a seperate page (pbwiki) Click on it to check it out.

Kingdom of Infinity: This universe takes place between the early games I ran (Celestial) and the later games I ran (Gate). There was no Rifts universe present however many of the sillier elements from earlier were dropped. A lot of the material here was designed but never used.

Kingdom of Revelations (Revelations): This is the core game setting I will now be using in future games. However I will be opening the doors of possibility to travel into or use of characters from these previous games depending on discretion of the GM.

Kingdom of the Tree: This is the Real-Co Kingdom referenced in one game and also the "Unknown" Kingdom that Questar came from during the RPOL Immortals game. It also contains some ideas for a game that never took off.

Other Worlds: Scattered other worlds and ideas. Variant "Paralells" and unused worlds and whatever else I find that I didn't know where to put.

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