Any person, without any consideration for gender, caste, community, religion, language, nationality may associate with AI, provided he/she feels committed to the causes for which AI has been formed.

One can associate with AI in the following ways:

a) by becoming an Activist of AI. He/she can be entrusted with responsibilities of an executive or a co-ordinator (selection subject to approval)

b) by becoming a Friend of AI. He/she shall be intimated about and invited to various AI events. He/she may also participate in AI activities in his/her own way.

c) by Contributing Ideas and/or Funds to AI. This way he/she may get involved in a noble cause. AI will duly acknowledge such supportive gestures.


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Would you like to drop a few lines about you - like your academic background, profession, passions/interests and your age and location? Also, if you give a hint of the way you wish to associate with AI, we may very soon communicate with you by email.

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