1. Assam - Comprehension data on agriculture, population, economy, education, employment, infrastructure etc of Assam.
    -- http://www.neportal.org/northeastfiles/Assam/index.asp   Regional: Asia: India: Assam   (37)

  2. Government of Assam - Includes the state profile, tourist information, and departmental information.
    -- http://assamgovt.nic.in   Regional: Asia: India: Assam: Government   (6)

  3. United Liberation Front of Assam - News and information from the party seeking independence for this state.
    -- http://www.oocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/7434/   Society: Issues: Territorial Disputes: India: Assam   (1)

  4. Assam University Silchar - Offers guide to schools and departments, courses and admissions,  picture gallery, campus news, facilities and    library.
    -- http://assamuniversity.nic.in/   Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities: Asia: India: Assam   (2)

  5. George Williamson (Assam) Limited - Manufacturers and exporters of bulk tea.
    -- http://www.williamsonteaassam.com/   Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Tea   (4)

  6. The Assam Tribune - Local, regional, national, and international news. Online version has sections on City, Sports, State, Editorial, North East, and Features.
    -- http://www.assamtribune.com/   News: Newspapers: Regional: India   (2)

  7. India to intensify operations against Assam rebels - [CNN]
    -- http://cnn.com/2000/ASIANOW/south/12/04/india.insurgency.reut/index.html   News: Online Archives: CNN.com: 2000: December: World: Asia   (3)

  8. Assam Tea Company - Grower and importer including the a range of Assamese black, green, white and display teas.
    -- http://www.assamtea.biz/   Shopping: Food: Beverages: Coffee and Tea: Tea   (2)

  9. Bihu of Assam - Bihu festivals consist of song and dance from Assam.
    -- http://www.cs.uccs.edu/~kalita/assam/bihu/bihu.html   Arts: Performing Arts: Dance: Classical Indian: Folk Dancing   (1)

  10. Delhi Assam Roadways Corporation Ltd. - Offering public warehousing, over-dimensional consignment, and containerised services.
    -- http://www.darcl.com   Regional: Asia: India: Business and Economy: Shipping, Storage, and Logistics   (1)

  11. Raheny Village, for ex-St. Assamites - Personal narrative site on the district, with several pages of photos interspersed with notes, especially on St. Assam's boys school, for which several Confirmation sets are provided.
    -- http://www.oocities.com/stassam.geo/raheny.html   Regional: Europe: Ireland: Dublin: Localities: Raheny   (2)

  12. ASSAM - Centro operativo agrometeo - Presenta il servizio meteo della regione, dati e previsioni, andamento e stazioni di rilevamento.
    -- http://meteo.regione.marche.it/   World: Italiano: Regionale: Europa: Italia: Marche   (2)

  13. Music From Assam - Bhupen Hazarika - Links to profile, news, reviews and songs.
    -- http://www.oocities.com/bipuljyoti/music/bhupen/bhupen.html   Regional: Asia: India: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Bands and Artists: Hazarika, Bhupen   (1)

  14. Assam - A Prefecture Apostolic in the ecclesiastical province of Calcutta, India, established in 1889.
    -- http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01793d.htm   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations: Catholicism: Reference: Catholic Encyclopedia: A   (1)

  15. Assam Laksa in Ayer Itam - Hawker stall offering laksa (noodle)as a speciality. Photographs and prices.
    -- http://vwander.freeservers.com/hawker/1asamlak.htm   Regional: Asia: Malaysia: States and Federal Territories: Pulau Pinang: Localities: Ayer Itam: Business and Economy   (1)

  16. North East News Agency - News agency covering politics and culture in North-East the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.
    -- http://www.nenanews.com/   Regional: Asia: India: Regions: The Northeast: News and Media  


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