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Newer articles - as of June 19, 2006:
Christ, our Tabernacle : Powerful truth from Hebrews 8:2.

A.W. Tozer : The knowledge of the Holy ... through the teachings of RCC mystics? Brothers, how can these things be? From this article there are links to newer ones, also on A.W. Tozer.

Cult or not? This is actually an unhelpful - and potentially dangerous - distinction to maintain. The Bible has a much better question for us to ask.

"Straightforward" is a good way to describe God's Word. And because God's Word is like that, we often overlook it's message.

Another important article is a study on the Bema, also known as the "Judgment Seat of Christ". Do you know what the Bible teaches on this? Are you sure? Not what your Scofield and Ryrie Study Bibles say the Bible says.

A fuller listing of all newer articles can be found here.

All newer uploads are marked with the month they were added. I try to add new material every couple of weeks.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life.
Most of my articles have that foundation. Some subjects covered are general Bible articles, prophecy, KJV debate, creation science and various biographies. Eventually I plan to have a missionary page. Here is the first page: Our Spring break trip in Ciudad Acuna.
There is also a separate section for Biblical prophecy, which at this moment has more promise than substance. The newest addition to this section of my site is my Reformation page.

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Updated: June 19, 2006

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