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Welcome. This astrology site is dedicated to helping you achieve purpose, Direction & meaning in your life. My horoscopes and my astrological methods focus on personal growth issues in all areas of your life. Getting to know yourself and which patterns and cycles you are living on, helps you make wiser and more successful choices in your life. If you are discovering astrology because you want some fun fortune-telling it's best to go to a basic astrology webpage. This is serious astrology here, for those who truly want some PURPOSE in their lives.
Andrew Dyer. (BA Comm., qualifying to AFA)
The study of astrology of course.  I am currently half way through my qualifications for a diploma from the Federation of Australian Astrologers.  Having learned the art and science of casting horoscopes and interpretation, you can be sure of a highly accurate profile of who you are and your purpose on this planet.
I'm sure my friends and family are weary with astrotalk, I try not to talk about it too much as it can get deep.  I live in Sydney Australia with my partner who is so supportive in my gaining of wisdom.  I have a wonderful Aquarian dog, and 2 cats which are piscean and scorpio.  Being so Scorpio myself, the rest is a secret! of course.