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Athene19 in 16bit high colour! Hello there! Welcome to my page. This has just been recently updated so bear with me as I repair the remainder of the broken links...! This covers mostly my love of Classical Mythology and of those classic cult TV programmes, The X-Files and The Avengers. Other pages will be added sometime in the distant future!

First, a bit about me. I completed my studies in Classical Studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury in July 2000. Hence I have a list of mythological tales because that’s the part of Classics that interested me the most. I also studied philosophy, history, architecture, literature... but my favourite was always mythology!

My interest in cult TV shows stems from watching re-runs of The Avengers from when I was about 14, and also watching The X-Files at a slightly later date! My recent achievement has been to get Season 6 of TXF (possibly the best, with greats such as Dreamland and Arcadia) and not one, but ALL episodes of The Avengers starring Diana Rigg, both monochrome and colour. I am SO HAPPY! You can't imagine how wonderful it is not to have to watch fuzzy episodes on VHS! One of my fave episodes is Murdersville and I actually went to the village where it was shot. Its a lovely little place called Aldbury slap-bang in the middle of nowhere. It took ages to find it... but it was worth it. I have a photo somewhere of me and two of my sisters by the infamous ‘ducking’ pond. I should really dig it out...

So anyway... Still here? Can you handle my sarcasm, dry humour and uniqueness? If not, get going - buh-bye! However, if you’re jumping up and down on your chair screaming, ‘More, more, more!’ then get clicking! Alternatively, visit my other site, Athene19's Anecdotes, my on-line blog!

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