Hello my Craft name is Indigo,... but I am still searching for the rest of my name, all I know right now is that Indigo is part of a larger name, but the rest will come in time. I'm 30 years old and live in Canton, Ohio. My 'Crafty' ways started in grade school with tarot cards, a crystal ball, and lots of reading on various subjects. It wasn't until I attended Kent State that I put a name to my life-long interests and beliefs.....that is of course, 'Paganism'. My first Wicca book was "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft"....soon I bought "Cunningham's Wicca: For the Solitary Practiconer" and the Farrars "A Witch's Bible Complete".

In 1991 I contacted and met a local priestess in Kent by the name of Lady Pythia. She recommended that I should not be so rigid in my approach to the Craft (I am a Capricorn). At that time I was very uptight about "doing everything right" and performing ceremony by the book. She recommended I read Starhawk's "Spiral Dance" as well as fiction, like Dion Fortune. What really stands out in my mind with my meetings with Pythia is the element of Water. The Element 'Water'.... emotions, feeling, intuition, the feminine side, fluidity, etc. I'm a Capricorn and very grounded in the element of 'Earth'.

As for my Craft ways at the present..... I've become more intense with my study of the tarot. I bought my first deck (Rider-Waite) when I was about 10 years old or so... I've studied it on and off for years.... since I've got the Crowley Thoth deck. The Thoth deck has opened a whole new tarot world to me.... it has also made me interested in Kabbalah and astrology.

I've also been interested in astral projection for a very long time.... I started reading about it and attempting it back in grade school, but almost nothing ever happened.... it wasn't until I was in college that I just started to spontaneously project !! All those years of trying and trying.... and then it just happens by itself ! I've been on many strange trips, but I have trouble controlling them.

Right now I feel stuck in my growth.... so that's why I am looking for other like-minded people in the Canton area. 1