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If you can't make it good, at least make it look good." - Bill Gates

Important things

Best of the Web

Site Building

  • Bobby Bobby is a web-based tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities. It's free and if you care (and you should) it is worth the time it takes to fix your site
  • Extreme Tracking The easiest and a free way to track the details of folks who come to your site.
  • Guides to HTML You should have at least one
  • NCSA - A Beginner's Guide to HYML Probably the best place to start off and still one of my faves.
  • Matt's Script Archive The place to go for free cgi/perl scripts to plug into your web pages. Easy and he does all the work for you!
  • Project Cool More fun ways to improve your pages
  • Web Monkey A How-to Guide for Web Developers. More neat-o tricks of the trade then you can shake a stick at.

Web Searches

  • Ask Jeeves Certainly one of my faveorite search engines. You can get info by using full sentence questions and the search results come from a number of different places. COOL
  • LookSmart Another Search Engine

Web Graphics and Sounds

Other Things

  • Liszt - The Mailing List Directory One of the most fun things about the web, and all of them listed here!
  • Low Bandwidth Sort of an underground version of TipWorld. You can have zines delivered via email. Pretty neat, but still spammy.
  • < a href="">Tipworld Free advice, News and Learning by email. This can get VERY spammy but if you choose just one or two topics it is interesting
  • Windows Media Your Microsoft Audio/Video guide. Curse Bill Gates but this site is USEFUL!
  • Yahoo Internet Life A neat site by the folks who brought you the search engine AND the way cool magazine.

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