Class of '97
Kenneth Blaszka "Ruprect the Monkey Boy"
Ken is from Atkinson, NH. He is a Visual arts Major and is studying abroad in Florence, Italy.
John Colvert "Ichabod Crane"
John is from Michigan.
David Coscia, III (Trey) "Lamar Latrel"
Trey is currently resides in Gainesville, FL. He is a Visual arts Major and is studying abroad in Florence, Italy.
Roger Egbert "Gazoo"
Roger is from Bedford, NY. He is the kicker for the Varsity Football team. He is also an Economics Major.

Martin Metz "Re-Run"
Marty is from Massachusetts. He is an English Major who also writes for the school newspaper, The Concordiensis.
A. Stone Newman "Phelcher"
Stone is from Manhattan, NY. He is the Treasurer of the Theta.
Jason Pinney "Laverne"
Jason is from South Glastonbury, Connecticut.
Steve Potenza "Millhouse"
Steve is from Ft. Washington, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC. He is a Political Science major, Phi Beta Kappa, and Archon of the Theta.

Dennis Ruggeri II, "Gumby"
Dennis is from Rockville, MD, also a suburb of Washington, DC. He is a Psychology Major and plans to go on to law school. Dennis is also the First Vice President.

Steve Sevilla "Tardy"
Steve is from New York. He also likes to ride mountain and road bikes.
Geoff Siperly "Quiefe"
Geoff is from Saratoga, New York and is on the soccer team.
Kirk Weimer "Donut"
Kirk is in Ohio somewhere.

Mark Winograd "Oberon King of Fairies"
Mark is from New Hampshire. He likes it up there.

Class of '98

Joe Caruso "Carmine Raguso"
Joe is from Bighampton, NY. He is a goalie on the varsity soccer team and is a math major.
Terry Holt "Shwag"
Terry is our Number 1!
Doug Gahagan "Sissyphus"
Doug is a great kid
Matt Newman "Lothar of the Hill People"
Watch those knuckles Matt
Dan Queen "Gonzo"
Dan loves to talk a big game...and all the girls love it!

Rupert Sands "Manimal"
Rupert is a calm, collective kid.
Geoff Sullivan "Enus the Dipstick"
Geoff might not get it all of the time.

Class of '99

Steve Baumgartner "Serge"
Steve is a very active and cheerful new brother. He really deserves the title "Happy"
Scott Brown "Hecubus the Collector of ___ Sweat"
Scott takes everything very seriously.
Nate Blodget "Princess Buttercup"
Nate doesn't take crap from anyone. His hometown Philly boys would be proud.

Alex Chaucer "Brotch"
Watch out world, because when Alex goes wild, it's all over.
Barry Eisenberg "Judge Ito"

Chris Glidden "Nell"
Chris doesn't really say much, other than random sounds. Pinkopikowitz!
Joe Holmes "Joey Bedwetter"

Steve Hoyt "Rusty"
Ask him to sing you a song.
Rufus Judson "Sloth"
Keep your girlfriend's away from this guy. Ba-by Ruth!
Jason Kellman "Quimby"
Jason likes being the middle man!
Erik Lukash "Roscoe P. Coltraine"
Ah gug gug gug!
Bob Moser "Ned Flanders"

Yoav Roth "Twiggy"
Biddy Biddy Biddy
Peter Simon "Sweetchuck"
He may be little but he sure packs a big punch

Class of '00

Neil Dougherty "Gidget"
Craig Ellman "Puffer"
Jaime Griffith "Little Neddie Neiderlaunder"
Owen Hay "Powder"
Bryn Heath "Black Monday"
Dave Madden "Elroy"
Dave Martin "Kumbardi"
Chris Moran "A.L.F"
Tim Powers "Smithers"
Mike Slitt "Mung"
Cameron Sutter "Worff"
Josh Veron "Juan Epstein"
Thomas Walsh "Albert Fish Assman"
Max Welsh "Linus" 1