Who says a cigar scares away the girls!

New initiates for '96 Scott Brown "Hecubus", Jason Kellman "Quimby", Alex Chaucer "Brotch", Steve Hoyt "Rusty", and Bob Moser "Flanders" just hanging out after planning a reunion weekend for latest graduates of the Theta. Jason was just itching to plan the annual weekend.

Brothers Ruggeri "Gumby", Potenza "Millhouse", Pinney "Laverne", Egbert "Gazoo", Sipperly "Quiefe", Winograd "Oberon", and Metz "ReRun" on one of their "Senior Retreat" weekends rafting the Class VI rapids of the Adirondacks. The retreats are a way for the Seniors to escape the pressures of their theses. Next month, the Seniors will go on another retreat (undecided as to where they will go) which will hopefully relieve them of the pressures of their upcoming interviews.

Brother Judson "Sloth" celebrating the great weather of Schenectady NY by dancing in front of Memorial Chapel and several onlookers. Brother Judson was dressed in casual attire for the charity event in which the Theta raised money for the local Youth Little League.