Welcome to 1336 Athens, GeoCity,

Huis Eykenbosch

I am the caretaker, Walraven van Nijmegen

Sorry if you have come looking for Lord Eykenbosch -- He is rarely here, and so has left me to tend his estate. If you wish to contact him, you may leave a message with me.

Pardon the disorganization here, but Huis Eykenbosch has not been well cared for in the past, and I am still trying to tidy the place up. There are only a very few rooms in order right now, but you are welcome to return again. Perhaps by then the grounds will be tended to, and I can show you around. You are certainly welcome to visit our library, which has a number of useful volumes on Dutch language and culture.

I enjoy telling stories about my travels, but don't have much time lately. You see, I am translating some Dutch texts and am currently studying botany at the university.

In addition to the Dutch resources, I maintain some Eastern European ones here:

You may wish to visit some of the other similar residences nearby:

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