A Wiccan Psychiatrist

As a practicing psychiatrist who is also an initiatied Witch, I hope to add a distinct perspective on many issues dealing with life and it's meaning. I also want to point out useful websites pertaining to the craft, psychology and other interests of mine. So try out some of my Witchcraft and Psychiatry affiliations below.

I want to share my private temple for solitary witch rituals, an experiment in cyber technology. I hope you enjoy.
My CyberCircle temple.

Witchcraft is about Magic, seeing and using the Magic within the world and celebrating the Magical Divine from which all Magic comes. Traditionally, Magic is defined as “the ability to change consciousness at will”. What does it mean to change consciousness? How? Why?

Magic can be divided into two types, High and Low Magic. High Magic is the ability to “go ‘tween the worlds”, leaving the mundane reality behind. It allows the “relinking” with reality as it “really” is, without any human conceptions or ideas about it. It is the Magic of the ritual, casting the circle to allow entry into the “Dreamtime” where you can dance with the Gods and Goddesses. It is the Zen shedding of all illusions and perceiving the mystery and awesomeness of the eternal now.

Low Magic then is the “practical” Magic of creating new and exciting partial realities in the mundane world. For most people, mundane reality is all there is and defines their existence and purpose in life. For all, it’s the place we spend most of our lives, for human beings have evolved to make meanings to explain what we perceive. To see the illusionary quality of all human conceptions frees us up to change and create new ideas, new ways of perceiving reality in our everyday life. We can redream the world of society, work, play and love. And we can escape any older dreams that may now be harming more than helping us.

The Craft is the how. It’s the lifestyle, the spells, the potions that allow the changing of mundane reality; and it’s the leaving it behind for a beautiful and needed connection with the Gods, to perceive our true and eternal nature. It is very practical, allowing us to care for “ourselves” both in the mundane, limited concept of single organisms and in the higher reality of not having a self separate from the “all” and participating in the divine dance. It’s the recognition of how new ways of modeling reality, new “religions”, can seriously affect our way of life, pushing old ways into the “mists”. And it’s the ability to move through the mists, between the worlds and escape all manmade realities.

Constructed according to the directions of Merlin Stone in "When God was a Woman",
The Old Testament from a Pagan Perspective!

With Thanks to the Great Bard Will,
A MidSummer Solstice Ritual.


From MoonHendge, my first coven, where I was initiated into the Craft on October 31, 1982.

From MoonCircle, my second coven, where I was given the name SkyLeaf.
Qadash Kinahnu - A Canaanite Temple.

For more information on events in the heavens consult Astronomy. For the current phase of the Moon check out The New Age Web Works.

I thought it might be fun to describe myself in Dungeons & Dragons terminology, my favorite role-playing game.


Sixth Level Human Cleric Witch: 
   Strength      =   9,
   Dexterity     =  11,
   Constitution  =   9,
   Intelligence  =  16,
   Wisdom        =  15,
   Charisma      =  12.
Spells usually granted by my diety, Gaia: 
   First Level:       Cure Light Wounds,
                      Protection From Evil,
                      Remove Fear,
   Second Level:      Augury,
                      Detect Charm,
                      Know Alignment,
   Third Level:       Prayer,
                      Remove Curse.
Weapons: Mace (The Pepper Spray variety).

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