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"Yes, sir; being set free from the law of sin and death we become the servants of the law of righteousness--we become the bond slave of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have no liberty at all. I am bound to do what I believe is the Lord's will. I am glad to be the slave of the Just One. I would not be a slave to you or to any government or system. I have never been in any church but one--that was a Congregational church, and I got out of that. Now I am not in bondage to any person or thing in the world--only to the Lord. If you get the right comprehension of anything that I write you will understand that I never ask you to come into bondage to any man or thing--but only to the Lord." -- Charles Taze Russell

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Welcome to the home page for Biblical Studies. The purpose of this Web site is for the enhancement of understanding God's Will and Personality, as well as a source of information regarding the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. We believe that a great disservice has been done respecting Jehovah's Witnesses as Christians, by attacking THEM as opposed to pointing out flaws in the BELIEFS as such.

Our purpose in arranging for this web page is not to give fodder for the cannons of opposers, nor to "save" JW's from a "cult". Indeed, we believe it entirely possible to serve God acceptably within this community of faith. Rather, we feel that the issues of bondage and control by church systems should be dealt with; and, seeing as though our experience is with this particular community of faith, our efforts are therefore directed towards it.

Also, we find it important that people understand that the very same human dynamics that are at work within the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, are at work in other sytems that embrace Christianity, to a greater or lesser degree. This Web site is under construction and is subject to frequent change, so we encourage you to check back often. We hope that you enjoy the service we will be providing.

The following are some works that will be of interest to both JW's and non-JW's. Note: these files are in the process of being converted to HTML file (at last!) Some will still be in "text" format. Please pardon the inconvenience.