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Greetings, I'm Chris Herr (Justice on the Net) and I've been a big fan of Sherilyn Fenn's work since she was in Twin Peaks. I've been backtracking and keeping up with her current work to create the site you see here. If you have other information about Sherilyn or comments please send me and I'll post it.

A bit of Sherilyn's History...

A captivating blue-eyed beauty (she says "murky blue" eyes) born in Detroit, Michigan, Sherilyn Fenn had an unconventional childhood. Sheryl Ann (later "Sherilyn") was the youngest of 3 kids. She and her two older siblings and a young half-sister and half-brother spent their growing-up years moving from place to place with their mother, Arlene, who played keyboards for various rock bands. Sherilyn got used to changing schools and sets of friends. She recalls that "it was a little unsettling always being the 'new girl,' but I developed an instinct for knowing who my friends would be immediately."

At 17, Fenn and her mother moved to Beverly Hills. The teenager decided to pursue an acting career and studied for a year with various teachers. After a brief stint as a Playboy bunny at the Century City (L.A.) Playboy Club, Ms. Fenn appeared in a number of small features, including "Out of Control," "The Wraith," opposite Charlie Sheen, and "Prep School," with Virginia Madsen. She played supporting roles in the television movies "Silence of the Heart" (aka "Death of a Sibling"), " "Divided We Stand," "Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story," and in "A Season in Purgatory," a miniseries story of money, murder, sex, and power. She also guest starred on "21 Jump Street."

Fenn is known for her portrayal in the film, "Two Moon Junction," in which she gave a provocative performance as a vulnerable debutante who is corrupted by her passion for an unlikely man.

Her biggest claim to fame would come in 1990, when she got the prize role of Audrey Horne in "Twin Peaks" after reading for all the female leads. Sherilyn made a memorable impression as the cherry stem-twisting siren. This was her breakout role; even now she says of her Twin Peaks experience: "It still makes me feel kind of proud and special to be part of something like that."

Sherilyn was also in several other feature films: "Back Street Strays," in which she co-stared with Brooke Shields; the David Lynch release, "Wild at Heart," in which her character is discovered in the aftermath of a horrifying car accident in the middle of nowhere; a comedy called "Fatal Instinct;" a romatic comedy with Kelly Lynch and Billy Baldwin called "Three of Hearts;" and a Jennifer Lynch production, "Boxing Helena." and a few years ago starred in Showtime's "Slave of Dreams" where she plays Potiphar's wife.

She stared in the February 14th episode of Tales from the Crypt entitiled "You, Murderer." It was the HBO fifth season finale and stared Sherilyn, John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and Humphrey Bogart, who, through the use of extensive computer imagery, was able to appear and interact with the other characters.

At the end of 1996, Fenn was voted the 32nd "Sexiest Figure in Science Fiction" by Femme Fatales Magazine.

In the Summer of 98 she began working on a new series for Showtime called 'Rude Awakening' (see interviews.)
In addition, she starred opposite Kevin Pollak and Robert Loggia in THE MOVIE CHANNEL original picture, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE DON'S ANALYST and recently starred in three independent films - DARKNESS FALLS (with Ray Winstone), LOVE LIFE (opposite Bruce Davison and Jon Tenney), and JUST WRITE which won the Best Film Award at the 1997 Santa Barbara Film Festival.
Offscreen, Sherilyn is proud of the friendship she has maintained with her ex-hubby Toulouse Holliday, a musician and film technician. Sherilyn lives with her son, Myles, and two cats: Ophelia and Redmond. Sherilyn practices meditative kundalini yoga, and every room in her house has féng shui elements-- crystals in one corner, water in another. Sherilyn enjoys biking, swimming and cooking, and of course being a mom: "After I had my son, I found life much funnier and brighter."

- Biography written by Christian Herr

Sherilyn Fenn with Lara Flynn Boyle and Mädchen Amick pose on the cover of Rolling Stone.
"Babes in the Woods," October Fourth, 1990

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Biographical information for Sherilyn Fenn

Personal quotes and notes:

Director 'David Lynch' once described her as "Five feet of heaven in a ponytail."

Sherilyn's name is scrawled across Johnny Depp's helmet in the movie Platoon (1986)

Was once engaged to Johnny Depp and was rumored to have dated Kiefer Sutherland


Notable TV guest appearances...

I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed information to me for use on this site, especially Richard Perry who writes and publishes Kiss of the Beauty.

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