Hard-headed and set in his ways, Ralph only ever travels in a straight line! Your homepage would please him greatly if it is logical and not particularly complex (much like Ralph). Perhaps you could adopt him today and try to loosen him up a bit?
Rolling and tumbling is what Henrietta does best! Jolly and fun, this little gal seeks a homepage to frolic on. A low-maintenance pet, Henrietta only needs room to roam (70 pixels X 70 pixels) in order to flourish. Will you take her home today?
Able to leap tall canines in a single bound, Herb is the kind of fella who is ready to take on the world...or at least your homepage! Never willing to sit still or loaf, he needs an owner who embraces life and appreciates a little hyper-activity every now and then. Better adopt Herb quickly...he doesn't generally sit still long!
The walls can barely contain this high-spirited and rambunctious little lady! Buffy is a wild child who could easily disappear from your page for days at a time as she searches for her next adventure. Can you handle her stealing your spotlight? Adopt Buffy now!
Bob is really just a creature of habit! A bit of a nervous personality, he needs a very safe and secure homepage where he can feel protected and loved. Bob is a loyal and loving flea who can add warm fuzzies to any owner's life. Let Bob make his home on your homepage today!
Simon is...well...slow! A laid-back owner is exactly what he needs; someone who takes the time to smell the roses. Although he's not a particularly needy flea, he does require someone with lots of patience to deal with his rather cumbersome ways. Do you have time in your life for Simon?

Are you ready to adopt one of these lovable fleas now? All you need is to take your new pet home and provide a link back to my page!

NOTE: Do not link directly to this page!! Each set of fleas are made in limited editions. When the pre-determined number of homes are found for the fleas above, a new batch will be "hatched" which would cause your link to break.

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