Many people are quite dissatisfied with the results of our political system. The candidates for public office do not seem to represent the very best that this country has to offer. We often vote (those who DO vote) with the feeling that we are choosing among unappealing alternatives: 'the lesser of evils'. For voters to persist in this frame of mind is not a healthy state of affairs for a democratic society. An opportunity to choose among unappealing alternatives is a corruption of the idea of 'choice', and cannot long remain a cherished freedom.

So, if you could ask anyone to be your next president, (and in a free society, we should all feel free to ask who we WANT, and have our voice heard), who would you choose? Think about it. Talk about it. Pass on the question. We could do better.

Perhaps part of our problem is the highly partisan nature of the selection process. We may want to look for someone who we trust, respect and admire, AND who many other people also trust, respect and admire.

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