Can we be healthy, happy, and have a just society if we follow this habit of eating animals? Won't that make us have to visit the doctor more often? And if we cultivate a desire to eat more, and different kinds of animals, won't we also deplete our resources, use up our pasture, so that we have to go to war with our neighbor, to get a slice of his? Might he do the same, if he pursues a similar way of living? And can we fully enjoy our meal in full consciousness of the fact that, just a short time earlier, we could have looked into the eyes of the animal we eat, and seen ourselves reflected...? . Better to just stay home, make your couch comfortable, and eat figs, no? . . . from the Republic

John Champagne

This is actually Socrates' points, expressed in my own voice. It is based on a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon. -- J.C.

How to win an argument with a meat-eater.

© 1996

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