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I have tried to design my web site to be browser friendly. GeoCities moved the GeoGuide link, so I cannot embed advertisements. The current ad box code interferes with Internet Explorer at times; causing error messages to pop up. Try to ignore those, ok?

What you can find within this site. The ``new look`` to my site is being slowly unveiled. As stated before, most of the original content will return.
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Secretive Shares Her 'Secrets'!
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Secretive Shares Her 'Secrets'!
  Sadly, hotmail.com is content being a spammer's haven. The filters and blocking of addresses options did not help stave the flow of unwanted and unnecessary e-mail. It became a headache trying to deal with this as e-mails that were not spam could wind up being deleted. I will set up a guest book in a few days for people to use instead.


I appreciate and thank the following list of people and sites for sharing parts of my site with others!

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Images used on this site can be easily located through ArtToday.com. They have a wealth of images to select from, take a look!

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