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Medieval times research Renaissance FairesRe-enactment Gruops

Medieval WaresMedieval Garb making and Purchasing

Weaponary and armorMedieval Food, and Brewing

Medieval Weddings

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Information on Renaissance Faires

Renaissance Faires and Information A huge list of links dealing with renaissance faires and medieval topics.

renaissance faire An on-line renaissance faire with information on lots of interesting topics dealing with faires.

renaissance faire An on-line renaissance faire!

Medieval wares for sale

Weaponary and Armor

Renaissance Market Place A medieval mini-mall. Lots of nice items for sale from clothes to toys and much more!

Medieval Home A large selection of weaponary.

Assorted Medieval An on-line armorary and weaponary catolog.


Medieval food and Brewing

Food links to information on medieval food.

  Knaves of Grain Online A SCA group into brewing

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage Good recipes, links and general information for the home brewer

Cariadoc's Miscellany: Drinks

Medieval Wedding information

Medieval/Renaissance Wedding Information A large reference and link page. Be sure to check it out.

Renaissance Weddings Alot of good ideas!

  My sister's page... Personal Homepage - Jennifer Cooley

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