GeoCities of Athens 2514

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Waiting for the right place to be permanent.

  1. ALKITAB , Dari LAI, JKI International dan FICA (Under Construction!).
  2. JKI International , Jemaat Kristen Indonesia International.
  3. JKI Imanuel , Jemaat Kristen Indonesia Imanuel.
  4. JKI Emmanuel , Jemaat Kristen Indonesia Emmanuel.
  5. JKI Zion , Jemaat Kristen Indonesia Zion.
  6. JKI Bethel , Jemaat Kristen Indonesia Bethel.
  7. PERMATA , Persatuan Mahasiswa Teologia Amerika (Under Construction!).
  8. Hendro Saptono , Personal homepage of Hendro Saptono.

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