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Further Reading

Russian Women and their Organizations: Gender, Discrimination and Grassroots Women's Organizations, 1991-96 (Rebecca Kay; Palgrave, 2000)

Organizing Women in Contemporary Russia: Engendering Transition (Valerie Sperling; CUP, 1999)

Women's Activism in Contemporary Russia (Linda Racioppi and Katherine O'Sullivan See; Temple Uni Press, 1997)

Post-Soviet Women: from the Baltic to Central Asia (edited by Mary Buckley; CUP, 1997)

Women's Voices in Russia Today (ed. Elina Haavio-Mannila and Anna Rotkirch; Dartmouth, 1996)

Russian Women in Politics and Society (edited by Norma Noonan, Wilma Rule; Greenwood, 1996)

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    Russian Feminism Resources

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If you're looking for the websites of specific women's groups, try the Organizations page.
And there's a large database of Russian women's groups at ZhISet+.

We / Myi: The Women's Dialogue Highly Recommended!
Great source for learning about what women's groups in Russia are doing. This is a Russian-language magazine published bimonthly in Moscow, with a feminist perspective. Its co-editors are Nadezhda Azhgikhina (Russia) and Colette Shulman (USA). Each issue is partially translated into English and available online. See also early issues.
Empowering Russia's Women: Will Their Potential Be Tapped?
Historical overview of the Russian women's movement. By Nadezhda Azhgikhina, in the We/Myi Millennium issue.

Woman Plus magazine
This magazine is published in Moscow, and takes a feminist approach. Browse through the online archive of English translations for lots of perspectives on the women's movement in Russia.
Women's Rights and Human Rights Groups: are they on the same track?
by Ludmila Zavadskaya (Woman Plus, No. 2, 2000)

Globalization - a Remedy or a Quest? The Russian Experience
Olga Lipovskaya looks at the Russian women's movement, civil society and globalization. (Lola Press magazine, 1999)

Women's Work: Finding a Place in the New Russia
lengthy article on the development of independent women's activism in Russia. Ford Foundation Report, Spring 1996.

Stop, Smell the Flowers
Reclaiming the historical significance of International Women's Day for the contemporary women's movement in Russia. By Yelena Kochkina with Louise Grogan. "March 8 is now a cultural reminder to Russian women that their value to society comes from femininity... Feminists should now reconstruct the original gender politics of this date." (The Moscow Times, March 7, 1998)

Democracy Without Women is Not Democracy: the struggle over women's status and identity during Russia's transition - in this 1995 article, Valerie Sperling looks at social change and women's responses.

A Movement Is Born
journalist Nadezhda Azhgikhina describes the beginning of independent grass-roots women's activism in Russia in the early 1990s.

The ISAR (Initiative for Social Action and Renewal in Eurasia) website includes a number of informative and inspiring articles about women's grass-roots activism; both in the archives of Surviving Together and in the current magazine, Give and Take.

Gender is a Study for Discriminating Russian Scholars
A student group in St Petersburg has published a collection of articles on gender studies. (St Petersburg Times, October 23, 1998)

I Knew a Girl from Minsk
Rochelle G. Ruthchild reports on a conference in Minsk, Belarus, in October 1999. Around 60 women gathered to discuss "Writing Women’s History and the History of Gender in Countries in Transition".

Democratization, NGOs and New Technologies: Building Connectivity for Russian Women's Groups by Tina M. Nelson, March 1999 [Acrobat PDF file]

Foreign Funding of Social Movements in Russia
This paper analyzes the impact of foreign funding on the internal dynamics of the Russian women's movement. By Valerie Sperling, Harvard University, January 1998.

Citizens or Professionals: Evaluating Western Assistance to Russian Women's Organizations by James Richter [Acrobat PDF file]

Women and Labour Market Reform in Russia
A project funded through the Canadian International Development Agency.

Women's Program of the Soros Network
Provides grants and other assistance to women's groups in East-Central Europe and the former USSR. This site lists programs, grants, publications, and has a useful Directory of National and Regional Women's NGOs.

Russia Battles Its Sex Trade Christian Science Monitor, May 16, 2001

With No Jobs At Home, Women Fall Victim To Trafficking RFE/RL, May 23, 2001

Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation
Mapping the Situation and Existing Organisations Working in Belarus, Russia, the Baltic and Nordic States. By the Foundation of Women's Forum, Stockholm, August 1998.

Other resources on trafficking and forced prostitution:

Russian Women Lawyers Advocacy Project
launched October 1996, aims to combat violence against women. Description and contact details.

SOS against a background of love
interview with Marina Pisklakova from the ANNA Women's Crisis Center in Moscow, which helps victims of domestic violence. (Trud-7, January 1998)
This crisis center now has a home page in English.

Canadian Embassy Helps Russian Women and Children in Crisis
The Canada Fund has been contributing since 1993 to help women's groups set up shelters and raise awareness about domestic violence.

Self-Defense Courses Empower Russian Women
Melissa L. Stone describes teaching self-defense to women in Russia.

Russian Women Work to End Violence
Linda A. Osmundson from the Center Against Spouse Abuse, Florida, reports on her visit to Russia in 1997.

Jewish Women Combat Domestic Violence In Russia
Rita Drozdinskaya from Voronezh and her colleagues from NCSJ and Jewish Women International describe the scope of the problem and progress made with programs in Voronezh and Tula. (RFE/RL, January 26, 2001)

Russian women confront sexist violence
"Developing a consciousness among men that violence against women is unacceptable, and creating the social solidarity needed to curb this behaviour, are daunting tasks." (Green Left Weekly, 1995)

Russian Women's Organizations Draw Attention to the Growing Problem of Domestic Violence Summary of a meeting in Moscow on October 17, 1997.

CEELI and Women's Legal Issues
The American Bar Association's Central and East European Law Initiative works extensively with women's NGOs in Russia on legal education, holding workshops and conferences.

Becoming an Advocate Step by Step
In this book edited by Margaret Schuler, women's rights activists from Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States tell their own stories about the opportunities and challenges they faced as they engaged their governments. The Introduction is available online.

Conference on the Status of Women in New Market Economies
co-sponsored by the Network of East-West Women and the University of Connecticut School of Law; April 13-15, 1996. The conference program and session summaries were distributed via the NEWW email list while the conference was in progress, and they are all gathered here.

Women, Politics and Environmental Action
Online abstracts of papers from this conference held in Moscow, June 1-3, 1994: wide range of topics, and contact addresses of the participants are included. Abstracts edited by Barbara Welling Hall.

Women in Economies in Transition
Tatjana Sokolova, from the Women's Unity organization in Russia, speaks at the Conference on Women and Alternative Economics, hosted by Women in Development Europe.

Women NGOs and the War in Chechnya
Paper by Tatiana Sivaeva for an electronic conference in December 2000.

Women block bridge in Chechnya Interfax, May 4, 2001

Russia's powerhouses of dissent: mothers
The Soldiers' Mothers Committee takes on the military in ways others can't. (Christian Science Monitor, February 24, 2000)

Soldiers' Mothers of St Petersburg
this website is in English and Russian, containing detailed descriptions of this group's activities.

Russian Mothers Mobilise Against Chechnya Campaign (The Guardian, February 3, 2000)

Women Help Women in Russia
by Ludmila Somova of the Soglasie Women's Association.

Adaptation of Russian Women in a Reformed Information Society
article by Elena Gvozdeva from the Siberian Youth Initiative.

Women Transform the Mainstream
Cases studies of women's environmental activism from Russia (Chelyabinsk), Ukraine, Uzbekistan (Aral Sea). Published by Women's Environment and Development Organization.

Women and Earth
Extract from a long report entitled Women and Earth: Eurasian Women in the Post-Soviet Environmental Movement, published here on the Sacred Earth Network website.

Genia Mikhaleva, director of the Moscow Hillel Foundation in Russia, talks to the Jewish Community Federation Women's Division in San Francisco.

Russian Committee on the Rights of Women
Report on a conference held near St Petersburg, October 14-16, 1995. Organized by the Moscow Center for Gender Studies, the St. Petersburg Center for Gender Issues and the Network of East-West Women.

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