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Further Reading

Amazons of the Avant-Garde (ed. John E. Bowlt and Matthew Drutt; Harry N. Abrams, 2000)

Women and Russian Culture: Projections and Self-Perceptions (ed. Rosalind Marsh; Berghahn, 1998) - and a book review

Russian Mirror: Three Plays by Russian Women (trans. and ed. Melissa Smith; Harwood, 1998)

Gender and Russian Literature: New Perspectives (ed. Rosalind Marsh; CUP, 1996)

Russia * Women * Culture (ed. Helena Goscilo, Beth Holmgren; IUP, 1996)

Engendering Slavic Literatures: (ed. Pamela Chester, Sibelan Forrester; IUP, 1996)

Women in Russian Theatre: The Actress in the Silver Age (Catherine Schuler; Routledge, 1996) - a book review

Dictionary of Russian Women Writers (ed. Marina Ledkovsky, Charlotte Rosenthal, and Mary Zirin; Greenwood, 1994)

A History of Russian Women's Writing 1820-1992 (Catriona Kelly; OUP, 1994)

An Anthology of Russian Women's Writing, 1777-1992 (ed. Catriona Kelly; OUP, 1994)

Women Writers in Russian Literature (ed. Toby W. Clyman and Diana Greene; Greenwood, 1994)

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    Russian Feminism Resources

Links on this page lead to English-language materials.
Эти ссылки ведут к материалам на английском языке.

  • Cyber-Femin-Club in St Petersburg: zine, art gallery, home pages of women's groups. Just look at what cyberfeminists can do with the Venus of Willendorf...
  • Interview with Irina Aktuganova of Gallery 21 & the Cyber-Femin-Club, St Petersburg
  • Stuffed Tomato art-and-literature webzine, run by Alena Makeeva.
  • Olga Lialina is a new media artist and film-maker. One of her web projects is: My boyfriend came back from the war!


  • Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941)
    an English-language introduction to this wonderful poet, and a guide to Tsvetaeva resources on the net. By Laura Del Col.
  • Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966)
    one of the great 20th century Russian poets. Akhmatova resources pages done by Jill Dybka from UT Knoxville. See also a catalog description of an Akhmatova video.
  • Nina Iskrenko (1951-1995)
    Friends' recollections of this Moscow-based poet, and a sample of her poetry in English.
  • The Chernobyl Poems
    of Liubov Sirota, former resident of Pripyat', the closest town to Chernobyl. Poetry translated into English, also available in transliterated Russian.
  • Glas: New Russian Writing: Issue 3 and Issue 13 of this journal are devoted to Russian women's writing in English translation. Tables of contents and a few samples.
  • Russian Women Writers
    The Russia page at the Celebration of Women Writers has a long list of names, some linked to texts or more information.


  • The Pink Scare
    Salon article on Russian rock star Zemfira.
  • Karsoway
    all-female acapella group from Russia.
  • Irina Allegrova "The empress of Russian pop"
  • Olga Shevelevich
    Harpist in St Petersburg; bio and MP3 files.
  • Alsou
    Russia's most successful young pop star
  • Alla Pugacheva
    fan site of popular singer
  • Sofia Gubaidulina
    profile of this classical composer with links to further resources.


  • Silent Ladies
    Photos of seven Russian actresses from the silent film era.
  • Alla Kliouka
    Winner of Best Actress Award in Russia.
  • Dinara Droukarova
    Russian actress based in St Petersburg and Paris.
  • Exaltation Spaces
    A postmodern view of old Stalin-era films, by two feminist artists from Moscow: Anna Alchuk and Liudmila Gorlova.
  • Happy Birthday
    Review of a Russian film set in a maternity ward, directed by Larisa Sadilova, 1998.
  • Revealing Russia
    Catalog description of a 5-video series by filmmaker Marina Goldovskaya, looking at Russia in the 1990s.
  • Art & Crafts
  • Amazons of the Avant-Garde reviews a Guggenheim exhibition of work by Exter, Goncharova, Popova, Rozanova, Stepanova, and Udaltsova. See also the book.
  • Serebryakova's Room has six paintings by Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967), one of the great Russian artists of the early 20th century.
  • Natalia Goncharova: Avant-Garde Icon Painter - Article by Leslie A. Rahuba, with 2 illustrations.
    Several more Goncharova paintings are viewable here, where hers is the only female name in a long list of male Russian artists.
  • Tatyana Nazarenko profile, and some more pictures of her work.
  • Tania Antoshina - a feminist artist based in Moscow.
  • Katya Gandurina is a Moscow artist who works in silk and is blissfully obsessed with ice. Some very lovely jpeg images of her work are included here.
  • Ekaterina Kamenskaya
    painter based in St Petersburg: biography and examples of her artwork.
  • Valentina Zolotikh online gallery of an artist in Voronezh, southern Russia.
  • Natasha's Art Site presents the paintings of Natasha Sazonova: portraits, landscapes, illustrations and more.
  • Art of Maria Kazanskaya Russian painter living in New York. Online gallery of her work.
  • Nelly Chichlakova online gallery of drawings and paintings.
  • Marianna Trofimova Scott Paintings and illustrations in both digital and conventional media; web design.
  • Olga Strunina of Mstera is a lacquer miniature artist.
  • Svetlana V. Golovko is an artist and costume designer.
  • Alexandra Koukinova makes porcelain, ceramic and cloth dolls dressed in Russian costumes from mediaeval to modern times.
  • From the Life of Gypsies - examples of the work of award-winning photographer Ljalja Kuznetsova, displayed here on the Mother Jones site.
  • Olga Radionova online gallery of artist and fashion designer from Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Irina Rabetskaya
    online gallery has nine paintings by this contemporary St Petersburg artist.
  • Elena Shepetsova - four of this Moscow artist's pen-and-ink creations are online here, with her artistic resume.
  • Tania Sherstuk's Personal Gallery
    This very talented 16-year-old Moscow artist presents striking paintings in both conventional media and computer art.
  • Olga Tobreluts from St Petersburg does Greek gods as Fashion Heroes on the MOMA website.
  • Eccentric Spaces Marianna Trofimova, a St Petersburg artist now in the USA. Biographical statement, linking to a beautiful slide-show of her paintings.
  • Splendid Artists: Central and East European Women Animators - illustrated article by Polish art historian Marcin Gizycki.
  • Siberian Deal Unique mix of art, trade and travel across Siberia! Austrian women's project. The web site is a work of art in itself.
  • History of Russian Nesting Dolls - known as matryoshka or matreshka dolls: the ones that fit inside each other.

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