This information was posted to the Network of East-West Women email list on July 27, 1998, by Svetlana Aslanyan.

CDCS Scientific Women's Council of Armenia

Contact: Svetlana Aslanyan, Ph.D.
President of CDCS Scientific Women's Council
27/25 Nalbandyan St., # 7
375001 Yerevan
tel: 374-2 58 56 77; 374-2 56 15 70
fax: 374-2 58 56 77; 374-2 151 795
e-mail: or or

In the first democratic Government in Armenia, only one woman minister was appointed for a year, and then replaced by a man. After a 5-year break, another woman was appointed as minister in November 1996. After the recent elections and appointments, in 1998, there is not one woman minister. The number of women in Parliament has decreased to 6.3%, from nearly 34%.. These tendencies are, unfortunately, continuing all over the former Soviet Union.

Center for Development of Civil Society (CDCS) Scientific Women's Council of Armenia was established in 1991.

The goals of the organization are:

  1. to protect women's rights;
  2. to increase role of women in public, social, cultural and political life ;
  3. to join efforts with all women around the world to maintain international peace and security;
  4. to provide advocacy and educational services for refugees and national minorities;
  5. research, education and publishing activities
We've implemented more than 10 projects jointly with local and International organizations: We've participated and made a workshop in the International Conferences as well as: In December 1996 we created The Center for Development of Civil Society, the main goals of which are: to promote ideas about democracy and civil society and about pluralism / diversity (cultural, religious, linguistic, political). We are planning a few new projects:

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