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in memory of Galina Starovoitova

Galina Vasilievna Starovoitova, one of the best-known women in Russian politics, was murdered on Friday 20 November 1998, shot in the stairwell of a St Petersburg apartment. Her murder remains unsolved. This page attempts to gather some interesting and representative links relating to Starovoitova's life, work and death.
R.I.P., Galina Starovoitova. Your intelligence, integrity and courage will be remembered.

Tributes to Galina Starovoitova

Writing by Galina Starovoitova in English
Reports and comments on Starovoitova's death

Starovoitova Returns to Brown
in March 1996 Starovoitova spoke about Russian politics at Brown University, where she had taught the previous spring as the Thomas J. Watson visiting scholar.

Подробная биография Старовойтовой на сервере Национальной Службы Новостей
bio and background on Starovoitova in Russian, from the National News Service.

Памяти Г.Старовойтовой Партия "Демократическая Россия"

Г.В. Старовойтова. Женский вопрос и российская политика

Юлия Жукова. Женщину - в президенты России 1996г.
A Woman President for Russia - this 1996 article by Julia Zhukova of the St Petersburg Center for Gender Studies now poignantly reminds us of what might have been. It discusses reasons why Starovoitova would have made a great presidential candidate.

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