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Welcome to Mine

Ahhh, the de rigeur Narrative of Self page! This is where you get to stickybeak into the life of the blushing designer of this little web-corner.

In a nutshell: I'm genetically Russian, born in San Francisco in 1966, raised in Melbourne, Australia; have been a chemistry student, a philosophy student, a librarian, a web designer.

Until recently, I lived in Melbourne, Australia. In a bedsitter with a view, a fat tabby called Emma, my Purr Mac and six bookcases.

In late Feb 99 I moved to the lovely city of Tver, Russia. It's about 160km/100 miles north-west of Moscow, on the way to St. Petersburg. I have a job doing some assorted bilingual editing and proofreading and translating, plus web work.

All the books I mailed from Australia arrived, and I'm very glad to add that within months a black kitten decided to live with me. Then a PC appeared in the kitchen.

So my basic lifestyle requirements are taken care of - books, cat, computer and modem, reasonable supply of coffee and chocolate.

I'm pretty happy so far, and language skills are improving rapidly. My current slang repertoire has really picked up since I started reading the best Russian jokes site at www.anekdot.ru

What do I miss? Large bookshops with thousands of books in English. Same for music stores. And it's been ages since I saw any Xena, Trek, or South Park...

I still can't cope with writing a resume for myself on this page. Welcome to decontextualized information.
Learn to like it.

Created by elleon in Melbourne, Australia. Now being continued from my new home in Tver, Russia.
Started in December 1995. Updated on May 12, 2001.

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