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Links on this page lead to English-language materials.
Эти ссылки ведут к материалам на английском языке.

In Russia, Women Should Not Be Weak Or Ill
Tatyana Matsuk from at the Academy of Sciences Institute for Employment Studies writes on Russian attitudes to women's health. Moscow Times, July 15, 1998.

Russian Women Celebrate the Spirit of Wellness
at the 1997 Womancare Wellness Festival in Moscow. From Surviving Together

Maternal and Child Health Compared in U.S. and Russia
Summary of NCHS report, with statistics available in PDF format.

AIHA Women's Health Program
The American International Health Alliance has established a network of 12 Women's Wellness Centers in seven countries across the former USSR.

AESOP Center
Moscow-based NGO working in the areas of sexual health and education, women's health, HIV/AIDS.

Magee Womancare International
Magee-Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA is helping improve women's healthcare in Russia.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England offers 3 reports of its cooperation with Russian women's groups:

Fertility Rate in Russia
"In Post-Soviet Russia, Fertility Is on the Decline; Marriage and Childbearing Are Occurring Earlier" - article by D. Hollander from Family Planning Perspectives, 1997; now on the SIECUS website.

Family Planning in Russia
Abortion and contraception. Translated article by Natalia Kigai, from We/Myi magazine, 1997.

Sex and the Future of Russian Society
Overview article on sex education, HIV, abortion, adoption.

Contraceptive Use Increases in Russia
from Engender Health (formerly AVSC International) Winter 1996.

Women and Health in Russia
Archived posting on the Women-Health list from September 1999, from a group of women physicians.

Russian Abortion Debate Grows
overview of the abortion and contraception picture, looking at increased anti-abortion activism in Russia. (USA Today, July 25, 1998)

Free Abortions Stir Controversy among Russians (CNN, September 10, 1996)

Fighting Abortion Attitudes in Russia (CNN, January 23, 2001)

Abortion Foes Seek New Ground in Russia (Surviving Together, Autumn 1997)

Young, Russian And Pregnant
Anna Badkhen, who gave birth in St Petersburg in 1997, structures this article around her own experiences of pre-natal health care. Moscow Times, July 25, 1998.

IPPF Country Profile for Russia
Outline of sexual and reproductive health picture in Russia, compiled by the International Planned Parenthood Foundation and the UN POPIN.

Childbirth in Russia
American childbirth educator Jay Lyons reports on a visit to Russia by a group of physicians and educators.

Birth Defects in Russia from The Detroit News, July 1995.

JHPIEGO Reproductive Health Training Programs
Description of current program in Ukraine

HIV, AIDS and Women in the Former Soviet Union
Translated article by Irina Savelyeva, from We/Myi magazine, 1997.

Why Russia Can't Cope With AIDS by Masha Gessen (August 28, 2000)

AIDS Infoshare Russia
the mission of this group is to provide individuals and groups in Russia with information they need to fight AIDS and STDs, and to protect human rights in healthcare.

Tatyana Dmitrieva
interview with a psychiatrist who became the Health Minister. From St Petersburg Times, September 1996.

Russia's Demographic Crisis
Full-text articles from a June 5-6, 1995 conference: topics covered include demography, fertility decline, family planning, abortion, mortality, life expectancy, health care. Published by RAND.

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