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Personal Home Pages / Личные странички

(E) = Content in English / материалы на английском
(R) = Content in Russian / материалы на русском

In Russia | В России

Веб-кольцо "Все девушки Рунета" (R)

Елена Коротеева / Elena Koroteyeva (R)
физик из МГУ, а также и WWW-дизайнер. Здесь и Введение в HTML, и юмор к 8 Марта, и еще много интересного.

Ирина Крупеникова-Фронкина / Irina Krupenikova-Fronkina (R, E)
работает в Интернет-зале Тверской областной библиотеки. На ее страницах находятся главы из ее собственного фантастического романа. Runs the Internet room at the Tver Regional Library; fan of Roger Zelazny; these pages include chapters from her own published fantasy novel, in Russian.

Уголок "Стервозы" / Журнал "Шпилька.Ру" (R)
Елена Жарикова / Elena Zharikova из Москвы пишет стихи, статьи и песни, любит джаз, и обсуждает символику своих снов. Журнал "Шпилька.Ру" - для умных и веселых женщин.

Mirabilia (E, R, French)
Таня Агафонова / Tanya Agafonova from St Petersburg is into cinema history and French.

JanaWeb (E, R)
Art gallery and stories by Jana, a 10th-grade student in Moscow.

Lenysik's Home Page (R, E)
Елена Журихина / Elena Zhurikhina is a programmer in Moscow, with a strong interest in photography.


Outside Russia | За рубежом

Natasha's Art Site (E) | Наташкино искусство (R)
"Искусство которое вас заставит не только задуматься, но и улыбнуться. Если вы готовы разширить свои горизонты и устали от традиционного искусства - вам сюда!" Natasha shares many of her paintings, photos, her life story, and thoughts.

Танечка (R, E)
студия Тани Евтюковой - лирика, обзоры, фотоальбом и ссылки на страницы других Танечек: Каталог "Танечки в Интернете". Home of Tatjana Jevtjukova, a web designer from Estonia, who collects links to other pages of women named Tatiana.

Alenka's Place (E, R)
the sparkling and original personal pages of Alenka Kachuro / Аленка Качуро - born in Gomel, now in New York.

Star Tower of Almira (E, R)
home of Olga Danilova / Ольга Данилова, formerly of St Petersburg University, now in Holland. Olga is into fantasy and Tolkien, and martial arts.

Nina Mineeva's Home Page / Нина Минеева (E)
Nina comes from Yaroslavl, and is now a financial analyst in New York.

Masha Zarlengo / Мария Зарленго (E, R)
Masha's women-oriented stories and poems reflect her experience of Russian and American culture. She also provides translation services.

Anna Mavricheva's Home Page / Анна Мавричева (E)
formerly a web designer in St Petersburg, now in Pennsylvania. Her pages include a range of scanned Soviet greeting cards.

Mariya Genzel / Мария Школьникова (E, R)
originally from Minsk, now a web designer in the United States - Mariya likes Vladimir Vysotsky and shares some of her original poetry.

Tyshee's Dacha (E)
Tyshee is Bobbie Oskolkoff from Kenai, Alaska, who is Russian, Aleut, and Athabascan. Her site is rich with photos, poetry, recipes and lots of her fascinating family and community history.

Larisa74's Home Page (E)
Larisa Nechayev is a Lesbian Vampyre and a Trekker, originally from Saransk, Russia; now living in Wales, Alaska.

Ania Pulvermakher (E)
a maths graduate and software test engineer in Seattle, WA; originally from St Petersburg. Ania's colorful pages include Russian jokes and her own art gallery.

Anya is from Vinnitsa, now a student in New York.

Olga Sudnitsin's Home Page / Ольга Судницина (E)
an engineer in Queensland, Australia; originally from Moscow. Olga has written a thesis on hypersonics, and has a new baby daughter.

Olga Isengildina's Home Page / Ольга Исенгильдина (E)
Olga comes from Uzbekistan, and is a graduate assistant in Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University.


Fans | Любительницы русской культуры
Women who aren't Russian, but care enough to make cool Russia-related websites.

Stephany Gould's Page
includes a Pushkin section that's a must-see. Stephany is in Virginia.

Masses of links to all things Russian online, compiled by Rita Bogna in Adelaide, South Australia.

Cornelie Mueller-Goedecke from Hamburg, Germany, has a strong interest in Russian jazz and art. Her site includes Russian art links, web-postcards and an illustrated travel diary from Vilnius to Arkhangelsk.

Marina Tsvetaeva pages
Laura Del Col has created an English-language introduction to this wonderful Russian poet, and a guide to Tsvetaeva resources on the net.

Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966)
Akhmatova resources pages done by Jill Dybka from UT Knoxville.

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